Let’s make our votes count and send a message that we want
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We need the support of all of our members and we have brought together links to important information about the European Parliamentary Elections to enable you to easily identify a Pro-Remain party that best suits you. Please don’t forget to share far and wide with family and friends – just copy and paste the link into your Facebook timeline or share it on Twitter. 

‘We’ve conducted the largest pre-election poll in England, Wales & Scotland’.
Enter your postcode to view results for your region and see how you can take votes from Hard Brexit parties

When you vote in the European Parliamentary Elections you vote for a party not a person. 

The Peoples Vote Test site allows you to discover which parties support a People’s Vote, are are Pro-Remain and standing in your region.

Check out the People’s Vote Test site

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How do EU Elections Work in the UK?

In this video we discuss how European Parliamentary Elections work in the UK. The system is really quite different to the standard first past the post system, used in almost all other UK elections.

Which main Pro-Remain parties are fielding candidates in the UK?


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