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Lockdown in Spain

Lockdown in Spain On 14 March 2020, Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez announced the lockdown to the nation, effectively banning people from leaving their homes except to go to work or buy essential supplies. What You Can & Can't Do   People will only be allowed on the...

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Coronavirus Info & Links

Coronavirus Info & Links Bremain have collated a range of information with extensive information on a variety of topics to help you through the Coranavirus pandemic. You can download the PDF...

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What Bremainers did on Brexit Day

On Saturday February 01 2020 the Bremain Facebook group took a day off. We stopped all posts and comments but asked members to share pictures and stories from how they had spent by commenting on an admin post. Here's a flavour of what some of our members...

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Grassroots for Europe Conference 25 Jan 2020

Our chair, Sue Wilson, attended the event along with representatives of 149 other campaign groups. A sell-out audience of 500 were present to enjoy speeches and presentations by well-known activists and journalists. The day started with a bang with an...

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Where are we now?

Where are we now?If you are wondering what Bremain will be up to in the coming weeks and months, I wanted to give you a taster of what we’ll be fighting for and against.Our mid to long term goals will be discussed at length at the forthcoming Bremain...

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Withdrawal Agreement and Bill

What is the difference between the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the Withdrawal Agreement Bill?There is a great deal of political jargon to get your head around the difference between the two so we hope that this post will help you to get a better...

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Meeting with the British Ambassador to Spain

On Wednesday 27 November, the British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, hosted an information event for British citizens in Valencia at the Casino de Agricultura. Also attending were the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, and other Embassy staff. I had been...

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Bremainers on ITV News

On November 26 2019, ITV News Europe Editor, James Mates, came to Nerja and Malaga to interview Bremainers Frances Gillard, David Fenton, Tamara Essex, Judy Farrar, Michael Soffe and Bremain Vice Chair John Moffett. Not everyone made the edit for the News...

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