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Our Mission


Bremain in Spain is a forum for British migrants who have chosen to live in Spain, either full or part-time.

Our mission is to campaign for the best Brexit deal possible and to protect the rights of our pro-European members.

London Anti-Brexit Protests

We believe in a tolerant, outward-looking and caring society which, we believe, is best achieved by the United Kingdom remaining a member of the EU.

We support the rights of EU citizens who have made a life in the UK, or who may wish to do so in future.

We believe that freedom of movement is a positive force for the health and wealth of the UK and the EU, and for their respective citizens, regardless of nationality.

We are actively campaigning on a number of initiatives and are helped by a team of highly-skilled and dedicated volunteers. We actively encourage our members to become involved in our activities.

Some members may simply prefer to join discussions with like-minded people on our forum. We are dedicated to providing a reassuring, safe and supportive environment where people can share their views and concerns.

Bremain goals, aims & strategy for 2020

With the Brexit future so hard to predict, Bremain are concentrating their goals, aims and strategies on the short to medium term. As the future becomes clearer, we will regularly review our aims and plans accordingly.

  • To strive for the retention of all existing rights of British migrants in the EU
  • To hold the government to account and expose their failure and lies
  • To maintain contact with the European parliament by making new connections with MEPs
  • To campaign against leaving the EU at the end of the transition period without a trade deal
  • To promote the benefits of a strong & close relationship with the EU
  • To campaign for the restoration of our full voting rights, as promised in successive government manifestos, by three successive Conservative prime ministers
  • To improve awareness of our group & our aims in UK & Spain
  • To expand our network of collaborators & build new partnerships with pro-EU groups, both in Europe and the UK
  • To continue to increase our membership & followers on social media
  • To protect all of our rights & freedoms as EU citizens, in the best way we know how – by campaigning for the softest possible Brexit!