Our Mission


Bremain in Spain is a forum for British migrants who have chosen to live in Spain, either full or part-time.

Our mission is to campaign for stronger ties with Europe and to protect the rights of UK nationals.

London Anti-Brexit Protests

We believe in a tolerant, outward-looking and caring society which is best achieved by maintaining close ties with Europe and promoting European values.

We support the rights of EU citizens who have made a life in the UK, or who may wish to do so in future.

We believe that freedom of movement is a positive force for the health and wealth of the UK, Spain and the EU, and for their respective citizens, regardless of nationality.

We are actively campaigning on a number of initiatives and are helped by a team of highly-skilled and dedicated volunteers.

Some members may simply prefer to join discussions with like-minded people on our forum. We are dedicated to providing a reassuring, safe and supportive environment where people can share their views and concerns.

Bremain goals, aims & strategy

Updated following our Annual General Meeting – October 2021 

·         Re-join the European Union

·         Campaign for single market/customs union membership

·         Hold the Government to account and expose the damage of its Brexit policy

·         Campaign for the restoration of our full voting rights

·         Campaign for closer ties between the UK and the EU

·         Campaign to re-instate our rights as full EU citizens 

·         Improve awareness of group aims in the UK, Spain and the EU

·         Increase our membership and followers on social media

·         Strengthen relationships with EU institutions 

·         Expand our network of EU/UK collaborators 

·         Protect citizens rights of UK nationals

·         Campaign for a dedicated MP for UK nationals abroad

·         Campaign for proportional representation and a progressive alliance