What Can I Do?

You Can Help - Nothing is Too Small

What can you do to support the Bremain cause?

In order to achieve Bremain in Spain’s goals – which you can review here – we need your help. Apart from following us, volunteering your time or generally providing support, there are specific actions you can take. We have made a few suggestions below – please follow the links for more specific details. Thank you!

Write to Politicians

It is vital that you continue to put pressure on your MP and the members of the House of Lords.

Generally, letters are more likely to gain more attention than emails, but postcards are also quite eye catching. Always remember to include your full postal address, or your correspondence will be returned or destroyed. It’s a good idea to tell them about your personal circumstances, and to ask them to take a specific action, for example, to vote a certain way in a debate.

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 Sign Petitions

With so many to choose from, it really is down to personal choice and recommendation. An official government petition requires 100,000 signatures to require a debate in parliament, and is another way to keep pressure on MPs and to keep the Remain cause visible.

Facebook Group
Latest Projects, Facebook and Twitter

All the latest activities and actions are posted frequently on our Bremain in Spain Facebook Group. If not already a member you can join and check-in regularly to hear what we are up to and how you could be involved. You could also join one of our teams of Volunteers, and offer to help with writing, social media, representing your town or region, or doing some research. No special skills are required, but if you have them, even better. Follow us on Twitter or ‘LIke’ our Facebook Page to get even more updates.

Changing Public Opinion

In order to persuade many MPs to vote in the best interests of the country, they need to have confidence that the majority of the public support them. Public opinion is gradually changing, as the realities of the cost of Brexit are becoming more apparent. It’s up to all of us to keep the subject alive and to persuade and explain the damage Brexit is causing to the UK.


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Campaigns & Events

As Bremain in Spain grows in size and stature, we have become increasingly involved in direct action, and support, of many Campaigns and Events to fulfil our objectives. Our Bremain Team and many volunteers work tirelessly on a daily basis. Please join us and help in any way you can…. every little helps!


If we are to be successful in changing opinions, we must be prepared to engage & to listen. Good luck!