Bremain in Spain is campaigning to protect the rights of British migrants living in Spain & across Europe.

​We always believed that the best way to protect our rights was to remain in the European Union. Now that the UK has left the EU, working closely with our European friends and neighbours is more important than ever.

As British migrants living in Spain, we, above all, understand the incredible opportunities freedom of movement can bring and the damage and difficulties its loss has brought to so many Brits living in the EU and the UK.

We believe in a tolerant, outward-looking, and caring society and are convinced this is best achieved by campaigning for the closest possible links with the European Union with the eventual goal of rejoining.

Votes for Life

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Events 2023

Events 2023

29 November – Another Europe is possibleOnline – 18.00 GMTDefeating the Rwanda plan, tackling racism & empowering Muslim EuropeSpeakers:Nadia Whittome MP, Shaista Aziz, Zeynep DemirRegister to attend here23 November – GuardianOnline – 21.00 – 22.15 CETHow do we...

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Votes for Life – The Elections Act

Votes for Life – The Elections Act

Since Bremain in Spain’s inception, regaining our right to vote in UK elections has always been a high priority. After years of campaigning, the 15-year rule has now been overturned and our right to vote in UK elections has been re-established, regardless of where we...

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Votes for Life

We support the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and work closely with groups representing their interest.

We are partnered with European Movement & National Rejoin March plus we are members of Grassroots for Europe and Make Votes Matter, and we support them in their pro-EU campaign activities.

We are actively campaigning on a number of initiatives and are helped by a team of skilled and dedicated volunteers.

Our site gives details of our campaigns and links to resources which are useful for information and for taking direct action by communicating with politicians.

We welcome new members, regardless of nationality or location, who share our philosophy, goals and aims.  

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After an awful day listening to the #covidinquiryUK and the rest of the Tory antics. just had to share this - it's no laughing matter over the Tory ineptitude but we need a smile

@dar_urfan When we were in the EU and had freedom of movement, the government were not properly tracking migration so they completely misunderstood how many migrants we need for a growth economy.

I am on record as saying in February 2015 that Brexiteers should watch what they wish for as…

European Commission: “Executive VP Maroš Šefčovič will meet tomorrow the UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, in Brussels. This introductory meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the state of play of the implementation of the W/A and Trade and Cooperation Agreement.”

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