Bremain in Spain is campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living in Spain.

We believe in a tolerant, outward-looking and caring society and are convinced this is best achieved by the UK remaining a member of the EU. We support the rights of EU citizens who have made a life in the UK, or who may wish to do so in future. We believe that freedom of movement is a positive force for the health and wealth of the UK and the EU, and for their respective citizens, regardless of nationality. 

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Bremain Needs YOU!

Bremain in Spain is a voluntary organisation that is campaigning to #StopBrexit, and to protect the rights of UK citizens in Spain, and across the EU. The Bremain team is led by the Bremain Council and a dedicated team of volunteers, with a broad range of skills. As...

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Brexit & You

If citizenship rights are the key issue at stake in the Brexit negotiations, then in no other country do Brits have more to lose than in Spain. But the British exit also poses challenges to a vitally important trading relationship. At least 300,000 UK citizens

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We are proud members of British in Europe, the coalition of UK citizens’ groups based in Europe, and together we actively campaign to protect the rights of UK citizens in the EU. We also work very closely with EU citizens’ groups based in the UK.

We are partnered with Britain for Europe and European Movement, and actively participate with them in their campaigns to keep the UK in the European Union.

We are actively campaigning on a number of initiatives and are helped by a team of skilled and dedicated volunteers.

Our site gives details of our campaigns and links to resources which are useful for information and for taking direct action by communicating with politicians.

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