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Reasons to Remain

The short answer is that all those promises already made, all those rights supposedly secured as part of the Withdrawal Agreement, would unceremoniously be thrown out of the window.

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Bremainers Ask…. Kyle Taylor, Director Fair Vote Project

In the fourth of our exclusive Bremain interviews with high profile Remain activists, we meet Kyle Taylor, Director of Fair Vote Project. Kyle set up the project in the wake of whistleblower allegations relating to global data misappropriation and law-breaking in the EU Referendum.

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Britons living in the EU launch fresh legal challenge against Brexit

In a pre-action letter sent to the UK government, the associations called for the quashing of the decision to notify under Article 50, the clause of the Treaty on European Union that begins the process for a member state to leave the EU, and the “quashing of the notice by which such notification was given, on the basis that it was not given in accordance with the UK’s own constitutional requirements.”

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UK in EU Challenge

Our case is: The Prime Minister’s decision to trigger Article 50 wasn’t in line with the UK’s “constitutional requirements” as fair elections are at the heart of our constitution. The decision is

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48 hours in London for the 48%

Bremain Chair Sue Wilson attends a screening of ‘Postcards from the 48%’ in London and takes part in a Q&A afterwards. Here’s her story: On the eve of May’s big away-day at Chequers,

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