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Brexit Testimonials was launched after the referendum by James Beadle, a British Citizen living in France. Each testimonial is entitled “How the referendum affects me” and details a very personal perspective on Brexit. You can view all the testimonials on James’ Facebook page, and even submit your own story. Here are some of ours ……………

Zoe Adams Green
Zoe Adams Green
Sandra Stretton
Dani Kenyon
Gill Johnson
 Brian Gardiner
Valerie Chaplin
Jo Chipchase
Madeleina Kay
Sue Wilson Testimonial
John Moffat Testimonial
Gemma Middleton Testimonial
James Beadle Testimonial
Carol Sykes Testimonial



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Yesterday's Statement from ELECTORAL REFORM SOCIETY, noting that ALL FIVE significant minor parties have committed by manifesto to replacing Britain's antiquated "1st Past the Post" voting system with PR (as in all EU countries, albeit different methods). notably this includes…

just amazing that people believe what comes out of #Farages mouth, someone please ask him who are members of W.E.F. - (hint Non)

So far as I can tell the people the @conservatives are fielding to the media today are @michaelgove (not standing, doing a runner back to journalism), and (Lord) Michael Howard (can’t vote and ran possibly the second worst Tory election campaign (Sunak 🥇). Barrels. Scraping.

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