Voting by Proxy – The Facts

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1. The deadline to apply to vote by proxy at the European Elections on Thursday 23rd May is 6 working days before election day. In England, Scotland or Wales, you will need to download and complete a form to apply to vote by proxy.

2. After completing the form you’ll need to print it, sign it, and send it back to your local electoral registration office. Please check with your local electoral registration office whether you are allowed to scan the completed form to them as this would be much quicker than sending it by post given the time constraints.  You can download the overseas proxy form HERE

3. When you apply for a proxy vote you must provide a reason. You can apply for a proxy vote if you are a British citizen living overseas. There are other reasons which allow you to apply for a proxy vote and you can find those details online at

4. The person you wish to appoint as your proxy can only act as proxy if they are 18 (16 in Scotland) and are registered to vote. A person cannot be a proxy for more than two people at any one election or referendum, unless they are a close relative.

5. Your proxy must go to your local polling place to vote. Your proxy will be sent a proxy poll card, telling them where and when to vote. You must let your proxy know how you want them to vote on your behalf, for example, for which candidate or party.

6.  If your proxy cannot get to the polling place, they can apply to vote for you by post. They can apply to do this up to 5pm, 11 working days before election day.

7. Your electoral registration office can give you more details about this.
It’s very simple to vote as someone’s proxy. You will be sent a special proxy poll card with details of where you should go to vote. Just tell the staff at the polling station that you are voting as a proxy and they will tell you what to do. Don’t forget to take your proxy poll card – this will make it easier for polling place staff to find the right ballot paper.

8. If you do not have a friend or family member that you can ask to be your proxy, there is another option. Once you have decided on which party you wish to support, you can contact their local office for your constituency – a simple Google search of “local constituency office (insert party)” will supply you with the relevant contact details. Email the office and ask them to appoint a proxy for you – they will do so, and advise you of the name and address of the appointed person. The party office has a vested interest in making sure that your vote is cast for them, so this a reliable alternative method of casting a proxy vote.

You can read the full form below

You can download the official
Overseas Proxy Vote Application

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