StopBrexit in Manchester Gallery …. New Updated!

StopBrexit in Manchester Gallery …. New Updated!

Bremain in Spain joined the many thousands in Manchester on the first day of the Tory Party Conference.

Their message is to #StopBrexit!

See Bremain in Spain – Chair
Sue Wilson’s Speech (below and right):


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Advocacy Campaign: Update Article 50 Negotiations

Advocacy Campaign: Update Article 50 Negotiations


6 October 2017



  • British in Europe (BiE) is running a high level advocacy campaign to safeguard citizens’ rights across the EU 27 and UK, much of which work is done jointly with the3million, the largest EU citizens’ group in the UK.
  • Meetings EU level: Since March, regular meetings at EU level with Michel Barnier’s Article 50 task force, the lead negotiator for the EU Council, MEPs at the European Parliament including key members of the Brexit Steering Group such as its leader, Guy Verhofstadt. BiE is de-briefed by the Art 50 task force by phone/in person directly after each round of negotiations.
  • Meetings at UK level: Since April, BiE has had regular meetings with DExEU, Home Office and FCO, in recent weeks on a two-weekly basis, and receives a de-brief directly after each round has finished (and a briefing prior to the start of the recent rounds). In addition, regular meetings with Embassies across the EU 27, including in Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain.
  • Papers/Responses: In addition to preparing position papers, after each round, BiE together with the3million prepares a response which is sent out to all of its contacts mentioned above at EU and UK level.  These can be found on the BiE website.  In addition to specific responses, BiE prepared a paper on free movement rights in August and case studies to back this up.


Snapshot of Other Lobbying Action: examples of most recent action in September:

  • Mass lobby of UK Parliament on 13 September with the3million and Westminster Hall debate on UK citizens’ rights on 12 September (Labour Party organised)
  • Letter to PM on 20 September 2017 calling on the UK government to show flexibility on lifelong rights of return for EU citizens in the UK to break deadlock on free movement for UK citizens
  • Meetings in Brussels wc 25 September with key MEPs prior to European Parliament resolution (vote 3 October) on citizens’ rights in the negotiations, including EP President Tajani, and lead representatives of the Socialist, Green and left wing groups for the Brexit Steering Group in the EP.


Current position

  • Three rounds of substantive negotiations to date: round 2 (July), round 3 (August) and most recent round 4 (wc 25 September)
  • European Parliament resolution on citizens’ rights (3 October)
  • Personal scope: EU citizens lawfully resident before exit (EU position) and frontier workers (wide definition we are currently analysing)
  • Permanent residence: EU position is that this would be confirmed in the country of residence but UK has not changed its position on settled status – EU citizens would have to apply for a new, lesser status rather than simply having their existing rights confirmed.
  • Family members: Both sides now appear to agree (subject to final clarification) that family members would be covered for life by the WA even if become independent. In other words, would not lose cover of WA if change status e.g. child/young person no longer dependent because start to work.
  • Family reunification: EU would confirm current rights under EU law but UK wants future family members (other than children) to fall under UK immigration law rules that apply to non-EU nationals or whatever system put in place for EU citizens in future. This also affects UK citizens returning from the EU to the UK with their family members.
  • Free movement: EU position is that rights protected in country of residence but no “onward” rights of free movement.
  • Loss of permanent residence: EU position is that would be lost after two years as per current EU law. UK has now made an offer of lifelong rights to return to EU citizens in an effort to break the deadlock on free movement following our letter to the PM on 20 September 2017.
  • Withdrawal Agreement/Direct effect: EU position is that rights would be set out in detail in the WA, have force of international law and direct effect  UK has made an offer on direct effect in response.
  • CJEU/other supranational jurisdiction: Still under discussion.
  • Continuation of current reciprocal healthcare/social security arrangements including the S1 scheme and aggregation, export and uprating of pensions. Only outstanding issue is export of other social security benefits.
  • Professional qualifications. Still being discussed but current EU position is that those who have an individual recognition decision of their qualifications would continue to have those recognised in the issuing state but not across the EU 27.  Those providing services under their home title would not be covered by the WA.
  • Economic rights. Still under discussion.  Agreed that individuals should keep all their rights e.g. self-employment, right to run a business.  EU position is to guarantee this in the country of residence but not EU-wide.
  • Voting rights. EU position not covered by WA – up to Member States whether they grant these to third country nationals.
  • Ring-fencing. This argument continues to be pushed through advocacy at EU and UK level.  There is gradually more support in the European Parliament and the left wing GUE/NGL group tried to table an amendment to the European Parliament petition on 3 October.

Download the full document HERE


Bremain in Spain protestors to march in Manchester to ‘Stop Brexit’

Bremain in Spain protestors to march in Manchester to ‘Stop Brexit’

A GROUP campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, will be making its presence felt at the Stop Brexit march in Manchester today (1 October).

Chair of the organisation, Sue Wilson, will be speaking at the event alongside ten other anti-Brexit speakers including Alastair Campbell, AC Grayling, Bonnie Greer and Alison McGovern..

Bremain in Spain is concerned that Theresa May made scant mention of the rights of British citizens in the EU27 and EU citizens in the UK during her Florence speech, giving very little reassurance to those who have been living in limbo ever since the referendum.

Sue Wilson says: “We hold the Tories responsible for the mess that is Brexit. Our voices must be heard – we have been invisible for too long.

“Members of Bremain in Spain will be marching at this event to demonstrate that our anger, fear and despair at Brexit has not dissipated and we’re not giving up.

See original EWN report…

Sue Wilson Speech in Manchester




Miles de británicos, contra el “monstruo” del Brexit

Miles de británicos, contra el “monstruo” del Brexit

El “monstruo” del Brexit marcó el camino. La criatura amorfa y fallera, con las cabezas de Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michae Gove y David Davis, abrió la multitudinaria manifestación pro-europea de Manchester. Un río de banderas azules recorrió las calles de la ciudad industrial hasta las puertas del Hotel Midland, para cantar serenata a la premier en el arranque de la conferencia del Partido Conservador.

Por tercera vez en un mes, más de 50.000 británicos hicieron causa común y acudieron al reclamo anti-Brexit, que vuelve a sonar con fuerzas renovadas en medio del fiasco de la negociaciones y entre las divisiones que no cesan en el gabinete May. En un mensaje dirigido a los conspiradores de su propio partido, May declaró que piensa continuar en su puesto, culminar la salida de la UE y crear “un país que funcione para todos”.

ver artículo original…



Stop Brexit March Manchester – The Countdown Begins

Stop Brexit March Manchester – The Countdown Begins

Join us on the first of October in Manchester as we march on the Conservative Party Conference to demand that Brexit is stopped!

“Marching there on the first day of the Conference offers the opportunity for our voices to be actually heard by the party members as they arrive at the Convention Centre.”


Conference is where the party decides its policies, and politicians make new alliances.
Manchester is where the party will have to face up the reality of Brexit.
Manchester is where the power of the Brexit Bulldogs must stop.
Manchester is where Brexit must be stopped.

Countdown to Make Manchester Massive!








As Guy Verhofstadt said, “Brexit is all about a cat fight in the Tory party that got out of hand“, it is time that we, the people, tell the Tories to end this madness and put the interests of the country first.”

#StopBrexit #StopBrexitMarch #StopBrexitinManchester #Bremain

The #StopBrexit March Route



Manchester For Europe
and North West For Europe

will be hosting a STREET PARTY on

Sunday 1st October in Cathedral Gardens, Manchester.

Join the Autumn of Dissent #StopBrexit

Make no mistake: this is a Stop Brexit demonstration!

The Stop Brexit March is a national protest, supported by A C Grayling and Alastair Campbell. It brings people together from across the country on Sunday 1 October 2017 in a protest at the Conservative Party Conference: to demand Stop Brexit.

Marching in Manchester on the first day of the Tory party conference offers the opportunity for our voices to be actually heard by Theresa May and her colleagues in the Convention Centre.

We shall be marching along the Oxford Road to the Convention Centre where the Conservative Party Conference will be in full session.

It’s essential that the Conservative Party and the rest of the world know that we want to Stop Brexit. So please come dressed in blue, with yellow accessories (if you have any), and your EU flags, banners and placards.

Please visit the #StopBrexit National March website for full details

We are working with full approval from Greater Manchester Police. It would really help us to help them if we have a good idea of how many people we are expecting, so please head on over to our EventBrite page  to register your interest, or sign up through our Facebook event page. There’s no cost for tickets, we just need to know how many people we are expecting.

The theme will be a celebration of the EU in general and its achievements with a reinforcement of our message that we believe the UK is better off as a full member of the EU.
Events details HERE

Mass Lobby to UK Parliament 13 September 2017

Mass Lobby to UK Parliament 13 September 2017

British in Europe and the3million are inviting you to a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 13 September 2017, asking MPs to fully protect our rights after Brexit so that we can stay in the countries we love. We are working together with our partners Another Europe is Possible, European Alternatives, Migrants Rights Network and UNISON.


What is a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is when a large number of people contact their MPs and members of the Lords in advance and arrange to meet with them at Parliament all on the same day. Mass lobbies are usually organised by campaign groups who arrange for them to coincide with a public rally or demonstration in London.

​Our September lobby is a day where EU citizens and their British family and friends, along with UK voters living in other EU countries, will arrange to meet with their MP in Parliament to raise their concerns about their future rights and tell their own story. It will be a big, high-profile event where there will also be other campaign activities going on, speakers, etc etc, and it will attract a lot of press attention. The timing is bang on – between two rounds of citizens’ rights negotiations and just a month before the crucial ‘has enough progress been made’ decision by the European Council.

The five ‘asks’:

We are not asking for special treatment – just that the rules of the game are not changed after the match has started. Here is what we are asking for:

  • Keep the rights we already have as EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU, so that we can continue to live our lives as before the Brexit vote.
  • Guarantee these rights for life under the ECJ, so we have certainty that rules will not change in the future.
  • Support ring-fencing an agreement on citizens’ rights from the rest of the UK/EU negotiations, so our lives are not used as a bargaining chip, and we can have peace of mind even if there is no overall deal.
  • Introduce a free, easy to use registration process for EU citizens in the UK, so we can effectively claim our rights.
  • British citizens in the EU keep their free movement rights, and the right to study in the UK paying the same fees and with access to the same loans as someone living in Britain.


How to take part:

There are two ways to take part in the mass lobby on 13 September 2017:

Attend in person
If you’re able to travel to London, you can join the many hundreds of other UK and EU citizens at Westminster. You’ll need to register (essential, as you’ll be right inside the House of Commons), then you’ll receive details of how to contact your MP to ask them to meet you at the Houses of Parliament on the afternoon of the lobby. After the lobby, there will be a rally with various speakers.

Participate in the e-lobby
If you can’t travel to London, you can still take part in the mass lobby. Running alongside the lobby on the ground will be a social media e-lobby. This will run in various ways: you’ll be able to talk to your MP via Twitter (if you don’t use Twitter yourself a member of the e-lobby team will do this on your behalf); you’ll also be paired with someone attending the lobby in person who has the same MP as you, and your ‘lobby twin’ will take your concerns to your shared MP as well as their own. We’re hoping to broadcast welcome and rally speeches live too – details to be confirmed and will be updated here.


Programme for the day

​We are meeting at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Westminster SW1P 3DW, from 12 noon.
12pm Emmanuel Centre opens to lobbyists
1pm Welcome session
2pm Lobby starts – we go over to Parliament in groups
5pm Lobby ends – rally starts (location TBC)
7.30pm Rally ends

How to register:

You need to register whether you plan to attend the lobby in London or take part in the e-lobby.

Registration is free – you will be offered the chance to make a donation but it’s not compulsory. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive confirmation of your registration, and then a further email which will tell you how to contact your MP.

Please register here: ​



For Twitter users:

If you use Twitter, please follow the special Twitter account that has been set up for the mass lobby: Anyone can read the Tweets here whether or not you have a Twitter account.

We’d like the help of all Twitter users in publicising the lobby; please use the hashtag #CitizensLobby2017 as much as you can, and engage in and retweet our posts so that we can get as wide a coverage as possible. If you’d like to join the group that is running the e-lobby, contact me (Kalba) on The e-lobby group meets and organises itself primarily as a closed Facebook group.​



Check out the mass lobby FAQ page. If your question isn’t yet answered, pop over to the British in Europe Facebook group and ask there.