Bremain in Spain Marks the Anniversary of Brexit Referendum

Bremain in Spain Marks the Anniversary of Brexit Referendum

British citizens in Spain a year on from this life-changing event ….

The traditional Spanish festival of ‘San Juan’, celebrated annually on June 23, is a joyous event with colourful town fiestas taking place to celebrate the summer solstice. However, the significance of this date changed for British citizens in Spain on the night of June 23, 2016 – perhaps forever – when the result of the Brexit referendum threw the lives of hundreds of thousands into confusion and chaos.

So how do Members of Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, feel about the anniversary of San Juan and what are they doing to observe it?

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain, says: “San Juan has always been one of my favourite Spanish fiestas – a celebration of summer, renewal and of hope. This year, it will be tinged with sadness and anger at the nonsense that is Brexit but also with determination that we must never give up this fight. The fiestas seemed like a fitting anniversary for that fateful day when my world changed forever, and an opportunity to dispose of unwanted baggage, as is the San Juan custom.”

She adds: “Many people throughout the UK and Europe will be commemorating June 23 in their own way. For us, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that we’re not playing golf, bowls or bridge, or whiling away hours in English bars festooned with Union Jacks. Instead, we’ll be celebrating with the Spanish, as we do every year, and enjoying being treated like family by our wonderful neighbours. I only hope that EU citizens in the UK have as much love and support surrounding them.”


Jo Chipchase, a Bremain in Spain member from Granada, said: “The fiesta of San Juan on June 23 is usually my favourite day of the whole year. However, in 2016, it was the worst day of the year. I returned home from the town fiesta to view the referendum results on the internet. I sat up all night and became increasingly despondent. I won’t forget that night. This year, I will be taking photos of the traditional festival in our town and will be surrounded by Spanish people. I remain hopeful that the UK electorate will realise that Brexit isn’t a good idea.”

Valerie Chaplin, a Bremain member from La Rabita, Granada, echoes these sentiments: “We are still living in the same nightmare. On San Juan 2016 I watched TV after returning from celebrating the fiesta and felt sick as the results emerged. This year we are joining together with our Spanish and British friends to celebrate San Juan, with heavy hearts, still having no clue to what our future holds even though the negotiations have started.”

Bremain member, Linda Rae, concurs: “I feel angry and sad for all those people who voted to Leave and were lied to, because they will not get the opportunity to make it right. This year, I will celebrate this San Juan with the inclusive people of Spain.”


Mike Zollo adds: “I am angry and feel that I am losing something dear to my heart that was the rationale for my 40-plus years of teaching European languages and culture. The Referendum result is still one of the first things on my mind when I wake up in the morning, and which has left me with a permanent feeling of malaise and injustice.”


Jane Machin concludes: “I wish the press would stop saying that the Remainers are reconciled to Brexit. We are not. All the polls I’ve seen have pointed the other way! It’s a total mess in my opinion.”

From the evening of June 23, Bremain in Spain members will upload photos of how they are enjoying a traditional San Juan with Spanish friends: ie the EU citizens with whom they share their lives and whom have been kind enough to make British residents feel welcome. Photos of the Referendum anniversary activities will appear on our San Juan Gallery and alwo our Press Dispensary Media Library.

Full Fact on Europe

Full Fact on Europe

Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking charity, providing free tools, information and advice allowing verification of claims made by politicians and the media.

They do not take sides in any debate or support any political party or campaign. They have been quoted by politicians on all sides and have safeguards in place at every level to ensure complete neutrality.

Factchecks alone are not enough to halt the spread of misinformation. Full Fact push for corrections where necessary, and work with government departments and research institutions to improve the quality and communication of information at source. They also provide a factchecking toolkit to give people the tools they need to make up their own minds.

Full Fact’s pages on Europe enable you to factcheck claims relating to Europe and Brexit, covering areas such as:

The General Election

How the EU Works

The Economy


and much more …………

Full Facts are continually updating their pages with the most recent claims and debates, so you can keep in touch by regularly visiting their pages.

Tactical Voting

Tactical Voting

Tactical Voting ……

Carry on reading and find out how to elect pro-Remain MPs to maintain our close ties with Europe in this most historic of elections

YOUR Vote can make a REAL Difference!

Tactical Voting also known as Strategic Voting, occurs in elections with more than two candidates, when a voter supports another candidate more strongly than his or her sincere preference, in order to prevent an undesirable outcome. In other words when it is necessary to go against lifelong beliefs and allegiances and vote for a candidate who supports your views on a particular subject, in this case Remain.  However, in some instances it could be necessary to vote for a candidate when they are pro-Remain and pro-EU, whereas the candidate of your preferred party could be pro-Brexit.

Tactical voting will help to secure as many pro-remain MPs in Parliament as possible in order to stop Theresa May in her tracks and halt her progress towards a hard Brexit. With tactical voting, it is pointless to vote for your preferred candidate whose principles you believe in if they came 3rd or 4th in the 2015 election with a small number of votes and do not have any chance of winning the seat in your constituency.

You should use tactical voting to make a difference. As Gina Miller said in her launch speech for
Best for Britain

“People are worried about the future direction of this country, they believe in Parliamentary democracy and they believe, as do we, that only tactical voting in this election can ensure that Parliament plays their full part in the future of this country. Throughout the course of this General Election campaign we will be focusing on educating and empowering people to make a tactical vote and choosing MPs who will do the Best for Britain.”

To join Gina Miller’s Best for Britain, you can sign up at click on “join the campaign” scroll down and fill in a couple of details, it only takes a minute to do. Once you have done so you will receive a daily email giving interesting facts and up-to-date information together with links to other sites and newspaper articles.

If you want to go directly to the Best for Britain Tactical Voting site you can find it HERE

Latest video from Best for Britain – Ever tried to talk to you parents about politics?

Here is another helpful site regarding Tactical Voting: When you click on the link you put in your postcode or town, where you are eligible vote, and it tells you which party you should vote for if you wish to vote tactically. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as and when we have more information on tactical voting for you so please keep checking regularly to find out what is new.

Please also tell any students you, your family or your friends know about this link:

The link will allow them, in 30 seconds, to determine where their vote will be most powerful, either at home or at Uni. They simply enter their home & Uni postcodes & click on “compare” to see which is their best voting option.  For example, if their university constituency is a safe seat for one party but their home constituency is a contested seat between two, their vote at home will have a bigger impact for tactical voting purposes.  They can use the link to register to vote and to vote tactically to avoid a hard Brexit. Their votes matter!

Vote Smart

Maybe you are worried about the NHS; your pension; the cost of your education; or the Conservative’s destructive Brexit policies. Whatever your motive, with a tactical vote on June 8th, you can help get a better balance in Parliament.

If you want the safety net of a more balanced Parliament, the best way to make a difference is by voting for the opposition party most likely to win. Even if it isn’t your usual choice. Find your area on the Vote Smart site to get started.

Candidate List by Vote for Europe
These are suggestions for Tactical Voting which have been developed in consultation with other groups.

Explanatory information to accompany the list can be found HERE

If you have any queries or comments please send them to

RIFT Project – lobbying for a pledge to support citizens’ rights

RIFT Project – lobbying for a pledge to support citizens’ rights

This is a month-long project, running from 9 May to 7 June 2017, in which we ask as many people as possible (from RIFT and from other groups) to write to the main parliamentary candidates in their constituency, asking each candidate to pledge their support for a full guarantee of UK/EU citizens’ rights as outlined in the EU draft negotiating guidelines.

Anyone can participate, whether you still have a vote or not; to make sure we get major reach across constituencies we’re also suggesting that each person asks 5 friends or family members to take part as well. On this page and associated pages we provide all the resources and guidelines you’ll need, whichever category you fall into.

Why do this?

For three reasons.

  1. To educate and raise awareness amongst parliamentary candidates of the issues surrounding UK/EU citizens’ rights, in particular of what needs to be guaranteed and why. Many will be unaware of the complexity around this subject and in particular of the indivisibility of the rights we currently hold.
  2. To harness support and collect pledges for a guarantee of those rights to match that proposed by the EU, along with a commitment to ring-fencing those rights.
  3. The contacts we have with local candidates will contribute information which can be used to inform decisions about tactical voting.

For find out more, and get all the information you need to participate, please see the
RIFT Project Page

San Juan Bremain Event

San Juan Bremain Event

On Friday 23rd June, all along the costas, the locals will be celebrating the eve of San Juan, the longest day of the year.

This year, we intend to use this wonderful occasion to mark the anniversary of that fateful date when all our lives were thrown into chaos and uncertainty.

Our plan is to get as many people together, on their local beaches as possible, with placards which can be ceremoniously burned on the bonfires showing just how we feel about Brexit.


All you have to do is get as many of your friends, acquaintances, neighbours & fellow Bremainers together as possible and make your own placards or signs. More importantly, take loads of photos, which we will use on our website & in press releases across UK and Spain.

Not only is it a great opportunity to tell everyone what we think about Brexit, but also to show us Brits in Spain integrating with the Spanish in this very traditional Spanish activity – a far cry from the more usual bowls club or British pub photos that the press are so fond of using.

Please join us and help make the San Juan Bremain event a night to remember!