Bremain have never tired in over six years fighting the madness of Brexit. Today that fight moves to a new level.

Council and group members have again travelled from Spain to make our voices heard at the National Rejoin March in London. Our own Chair Sue Wilson OBE will be speaking at the event and will be in illustrious company including Terry Reintke, Molly Scott Cato, Julie Ward, Lord Adonis, Steve Bray, Femi Oluwole, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Mike Cashman, Mike Galsworthy, Siobhan Benita, Madeleina Kay and none other than Guy Verhofstadt.

Stay tuned as we will be following them, and other marchers, throughout the day.

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You can now see our Chair – Sue Wilson MBE – Full Speech and the Full Stage Show below.

The Build Up

They’re Off

Sue Wilson MBE
Bremain in Spain Chair


Full Speech

National Rejoin March – Full Stage Show

  • Femi Oluwole
  • Guy Verhofstadt
  • Terry Reintke
  • Siobhan Benita
  • Steve Bray
  • Mike Galsworthy
  • Madeleina Kay
  • Sue Wilson MBE
  • Phil Moorhouse
  • Julius Lajtha
  • Molly Scott Cato
  • Nicola Tipton
  • Richard Hewison

The Aftermath

A little of the action