Bremainers March For Rejoin
Saturday 23rd September 2023

Keeping up with the march as
it happened.

“We marched for an end to Brexit, we marched for a second referendum, and we’ll keep marching until the politicians catch up with common sense and the British public and take us back into the EU, where we belong.”

Bremain’s Vice Chair Lisa Burton’s excellent speech.

“As British migrants living in Spain, we are literally living proof of the incredible opportunities that freedom of movement can bring. Most of us would not now qualify for any visa post-Brexit and we need to change the narrative, and minds, because the removal of freedom of movement only stops our children, families, and friends from having the same opportunities as 450 million of our European neighbours. Rejoining is inevitable; demographics alone prove this. Our politicians need to get on board to stem the damage now and start talking about how we can get back into the heart of Europe. We need a seat at that table for all our sakes” – Lisa Burton Vice Chair Bremain in Spain

We Want Our STAR Back…

“You might expect that after seven long and painful years since the referendum, Brits abroad might have gotten over the stress, anger and sadness that shocked us to the core when we heard the result of the referendum. That has not been our experience at Bremain in Spain. When Brexit was supposedly “done”, we expected our membership numbers to dip as we all tried to come to terms with the situation. With Brexit removing our treasured rights and opportunities, we were now having to fight for all that we had lost with our hands tied behind our backs. We expected some members would think it was now time to move on – for their own sanity, if nothing else – but in fact, our numbers continue to grow.

Protecting the rights of UK nationals in the EU has always been one of our primary goals. Whilst we should look at all available options to enhance those rights, we have never believed in cakeism. The only way for us to regain all that we have lost is to regain our EU citizenship, and there is only one way to do that – by rejoining the EU. That’s why we were protesting and speaking at the National Rejoin March in London, as we have done every year since 2016, and will continue to do until we are back at the heart of Europe where we belong. This is too important a fight, and even if our politicians aren’t brave enough to admit as much, the public have woken up. Rejoining the EU is inevitable. We just have to get on with it. The country cannot afford to wait!” – Sue Wilson MBE Chair Bremain in Spain

“It was another brilliant day in the Rejoiner calendar, with numbers bigger than the first march last year. Despite some of the frankly ridiculous reports in UK media. People from all around the UK attended, not least seriously dedicated groups from Scotland. We also had people come from our European neighbours, not least the amazing crew at Bremain in Spain, one of whom, Lisa Burton, spoke at the rally and blew away the audience! It was an extremely positive and hope filled day and plans are now already underway for National Rejoin March III in 2024. See you all there!” – Peter Corr – Co-Founder National Rejoin March