Manchester ‘Defend Our Democracy’ Rally Sunday Sept 29 2019

Manchester ‘Defend Our Democracy’ Rally Sunday Sept 29 2019

Sunday September 29 sees the ‘Defend our Democracy’ rally take place in Manchester and our Chair Sue Wilson has been invited to speak. 

About the event:

The ‘Defend our Democracy’ demonstration is grassroots led, born out of the March for Change on 20 July and the 36 demonstrations across the country that took place on 7 September. The event, in partnership with Manchester for Europe, calls for Britain to Reject Brexit and to respect the rule of law and our democracy. It is led by a coalition of eight pro-European organisations coming together at a time of national crisis, four of which were founding members of the People’s Vote campaign. This timely event will take place outside the Conservative Party conference.There will be speakers and activists from across the political spectrum; this is an issue that brings together people of all views and backgrounds.

It is bigger than party politics and strikes to the heart of our shared values and democratic culture. We are keen to unite rather than divide so we encourage speakers to use inclusive language that takes into account our broad church and the strength and breadth of support at the heart of our movement. The speakers will be a mix of politicians, activists and ordinary people who care deeply about the future of our country and believe staying in the EU is best for Britain. Some kept campaigning against Brexit when most members of the political elite had given up hope; others, including some who voted for Brexit in 2016, are newer recruits to our cause.

The key messages for the demo are as follows:

● This is a time of national emergency: Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament
is a sign of desperation, not strength. The Supreme Court has ruled that it was unlawful,
showing just how low he is willing to go to pursue to push his Brexit through without a
mandate or due scrutiny. We are mobilising urgently on all fronts to defend our
democracy and institutions. This is no longer just about stopping a no-deal Brexit. The
UK is the home of parliamentary democracy. It’s our job to keep it that way.

● We are a Remain Country . Brexit is not the will of the people. Every poll this year has
shown a clear and growing majority for our EU membership.

● We can’t fix Britain if we fixate on Brexit. Politicians have wasted three years
arguing about Europe. During this time, the crisis in housing, schools’ funding and the
NHS have worsened. We can do better than this.

We will not just be saying “no” to Boris and “no” to Brexit. We will be saying “yes” to Europe. People will speak with passion about how we can fix the country’s real problems if we stop fixating about Brexit. The list of problems is endless – the NHS, the climate crisis, knife crime, child poverty, opportunities for young people, care of the elderly, social mobility, lack of investment in large swathes of our country for decades and so forth. We will have the money, time and power to fix these problems if we stay in the EU.


1400h: Crowds assemble in Whitworth Park, Manchester M14 4PQ
1445h: March begins
1530h: Arrive at Castlefield Bowl, Manchester M3 4JR
1600h: Rally begins
1730h: Rally ends
1745h: Crowds disperse


Peter Tatchell , human rights campaigner, Gina Dowding , Green Party MEP, Julie Ward , Labour Party MEP, Mohammed Amin , Chair of the Islam and Liberty Network & former Chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Helen Atkinson , Manchester for Europe, James Mellor , Remainer Now, Louise Houghton , South Yorkshire for Europe, Mandu Reid , leader of the Women’s Equality Party, Mike Galsworthy , NHS Against Brexit, Jessica Moll , Scientists for EU, Jordan Byrne , Young Conservatives for a People’s Vote, Sarah Judge , Manchester City councillor, Dan Price , Warrington councillor, Sue Wilson , Bremain in Spain,Daniel Paterson, Best for Britain.

You can find more information about the event here.


Bremain are Marching for Change – London 20th July

Bremain are Marching for Change – London 20th July

Today Bremain in Spain are Marching for Change in London. We’ll be bringing you photos from the March as Bremainers travel along the route.

“We can’t fix Britain by fixating on Brexit.
Days before he is sworn in as Prime Minister, let’s make it clear to Boris Johnson that we want to stop the Brexit chaos.
This is a national emergency. We won’t put up with a hard Brexit PM being imposed on the country and hurtling us towards the cliff edge.
We can only solve the big global challenges – from climate change to terrorism – by working with Europe and the rest of the World.
We can build that better tomorrow through the most successful peace project in history.”


No to Boris. Yes to Europe.

Sue Wilson’s Speech – Bremain in Spain Chair
at the March for Change Rally London

Missed the March?
Watch it in full here courtesy of Ruptly TV

‘Let Us Vote’ Campaign

‘Let Us Vote’ Campaign

On April 05 2019, the ‘Let Us Vote’ campaign was launched with support from several MPs, Peers, citizens rights groups and the film director Mike Leigh. 

‘Let Us Vote’ is a campaign to allow all UK residents, and all UK citizens living abroad, to vote in general elections and referendums.

In General Elections and in referendums such as the 2016 EU referendum, UK residents from countries outside of the Commonwealth and Ireland cannot vote. Neither can UK citizens living abroad for more than 15 years.

All together, up to 10 million people are denied a vote by the current rules: 7 million UK residents and 3 million UK citizens abroad.

You can follow the campaign, write to your MP and sign the petition here


Let Us Vote

The campaign has already attracted quite a bit of media attention and you can read more by clicking the links below:

Huffington Post

The Independent

The Independent also includes an article by Jane Golding – Chair of British in Europe, who explains the need for  electoral reform. 

Update 11 May 2019

The ‘Let Us Vote’ campaign launch was on Wednesday 8th May in the Palace of Westminster. Bremain Chair, Sue Wilson, was fortunate to be in London to attend and here is her update:

‘The event was hosted by Another Europe is possible, British in Europe and the 3Million, who are jointly responsible for the project. The campaign aim is to restore voting rights to 10 million people who are disenfranchised & unable to vote – both Brits abroad & foreign-born citizens resident in the UK.

The panel was made up of representatives of the groups involved, but also Claude Moraes (Labour MEP), Alberto Costa (Conservative MP) and Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour MP).

The passion and commitment from all those involved in the campaign was a joy to behold, and the audience were very engaged, asking lots of questions. There was also an opportunity to talk to the panel on a 1-2-1 basis afterwards and to network with many dedicated campaigners.

Whilst nobody expects that the campaign will be easy, or quick, with the commitment and passion shown, we all came away very positive about the chances of success. We will keep you posted about future developments as and when they happen.’


Let us vote postcard

Bremain in Action! – European Parliamentary Elections 2019

Bremain in Action! – European Parliamentary Elections 2019

Let’s make our votes count and send a message that we want
to Remain in the European Union
and #StopBrexit

We need the support of all of our members and we have brought together links to important information about the European Parliamentary Elections to enable you to easily identify a Pro-Remain party that best suits you. Please don’t forget to share far and wide with family and friends – just copy and paste the link into your Facebook timeline or share it on Twitter. 

‘We’ve conducted the largest pre-election poll in England, Wales & Scotland’.
Enter your postcode to view results for your region and see how you can take votes from Hard Brexit parties

When you vote in the European Parliamentary Elections you vote for a party not a person. 

The Peoples Vote Test site allows you to discover which parties support a People’s Vote, are are Pro-Remain and standing in your region.

Check out the People’s Vote Test site

Join Remain Voter
‘Providing Remain Voters with clear, independent advice on how to maximise the impact of their vote in the European Election on 23 May so together we secure Remain parties the highest number of overall seats.’ – not just asking you to vote, we’re also asking you to help to persuade others to vote too. Are you ready to commit a few hours? Sign up HERE

  • Get involved in your area
  • Personal challenges for you
  • Fun ideas for events
  • Unlock exclusive rewards

How do EU Elections Work in the UK?

In this video we discuss how European Parliamentary Elections work in the UK. The system is really quite different to the standard first past the post system, used in almost all other UK elections.

Which main Pro-Remain parties are fielding candidates in the UK?


Download and Share

Sue Wilson Writes: Happy Un-Brexit Day! – A time of confused emotions for Brits in Spain

Sue Wilson Writes: Happy Un-Brexit Day! – A time of confused emotions for Brits in Spain

Bremain in Spain’s Sue Wilson expects more shocks, surprises, twists, turns, and time-wasting. But in the meantime, be thankful that Brexit didn’t happen on March 29th.

For the last two years, ever since the triggering of Article 50, the clock has been ticking down to Brexit Day. Over 100 times, Theresa May informed parliament and the British people that we would be leaving the European Union on March 29th, 2019, but she finally accepted that this wasn’t going to be the case.

Brexit Day or not, last Friday was a momentous landmark in the Brexit story. The Leave campaign’s march arrived in London, after its long and poorly-attended trek from Sunderland – a trek on which its leader, Nigel Farage, showed only minimal participation. More importantly, Theresa May brought back the Withdrawal Agreement to the House of Commons for one final attempt to gain parliamentary support for her twice-defeated deal. Friday 29th was a day of mixed emotions for British citizens in Spain.

Despite the media asserting that Theresa May was destined to lose the vote, many people were naturally concerned that the deal would somehow pass, resulting in us leaving the EU on 22 May with our rights diminished. Despite the demands of citizens’ rights groups, such as British in Europe, both sides of the negotiating table have failed to ring-fence the rights already ‘agreed’ in the Withdrawal Agreement, and their reluctance to do so continues.

For many Bremain in Spain members, Friday 29th was a day of celebration. Or, as we like to call it, Un-Brexit Day! A day to celebrate our progress in the battle for another referendum – this time round, a fair, honest and legal referendum.

A year ago, campaigners for a second vote – and those discussing Brexit being postponed, or even cancelled – were considered dreamers. Our goals were deemed as being equally “unrealistic” as the fantastical visions of Brexit espoused by the Leave campaign. Yet here we are in April 2019, still members of the European Union, still European citizens, and with a real chance of achieving our goals. On Wednesday March 27th, parliament took control of the Brexit process for a day, the intention being to debate and vote on alternative options to May’s unpopular deal. Eight options were considered. While none achieved a majority, two clear favourites emerged: a customs union add-on, defeated by a mere eight votes, and a confirmatory referendum, which received the most votes.

The option of leaving with no deal was soundly defeated, with 400 MPs voting against it. To date, this is the most significant indication that parliament won’t tolerate a no-deal scenario, as May readily acknowledged. Parliament will repeat the process again this week, as it’s trying to reach consensus. Meanwhile, May seems intent on bringing back her deal for a fourth attempt: clearly, she still believes this is the only possible Brexit route. It’s debatable whether the Speaker, John Bercow, will allow a further attempt. The biggest concern for British citizens living and working in EU27 countries is the fear of a no-deal scenario on April 12th. As this is still the legal default option, fear of it happening has increased since the EU responded to recent events in Westminster by claiming that no-deal was now “more likely”. An emergency EU summit has been scheduled for April 10th. Before this date, the Prime Minister must apply for a long extension and commit to taking part in the European elections.

The EU will set further conditions – most likely a public vote or a general election – both of which are now being openly discussed in parliament. I still believe a no-deal scenario will never happen – as I did last week, last month and last year. UK parliament has finally flexed its muscles and it’s not finished yet. Parliament has confirmed that it won’t allow the UK to crash out of the EU under those damaging circumstances – even if it means a delay, a compromise, a new Prime Minister, or even a new government. We aren’t out of the woods yet! We can expect more shocks, surprises, twists, turns, and time-wasting.

However, we must be thankful that Brexit didn’t happen on March 29th, that May’s bad deal has been defeated – not once, not twice, but three times – and that a #PeoplesVote referendum is increasingly popular and close to reaching a majority amongst law-makers. Most importantly, we are still European citizens, with all the benefits of EU membership. I’ve said it before: three’s only one way to guarantee retaining our precious rights and freedoms – and that’s to stop Brexit. Not only are we closer to that goal than ever before, but a majority in the UK demonstrably wants the same outcome. So, pop that Cava cork and let’s celebrate our success. Happy Un-Brexit Day to all!

By Sue Wilson – For The Local