National Rejoin March II – Saturday 23rd September

National Rejoin March II – Saturday 23rd September

Bremainers March For Rejoin
Saturday 23rd September 2023

Keeping up with the march as
it happened.

“We marched for an end to Brexit, we marched for a second referendum, and we’ll keep marching until the politicians catch up with common sense and the British public and take us back into the EU, where we belong.”

Bremain’s Vice Chair Lisa Burton’s excellent speech.

“As British migrants living in Spain, we are literally living proof of the incredible opportunities that freedom of movement can bring. Most of us would not now qualify for any visa post-Brexit and we need to change the narrative, and minds, because the removal of freedom of movement only stops our children, families, and friends from having the same opportunities as 450 million of our European neighbours. Rejoining is inevitable; demographics alone prove this. Our politicians need to get on board to stem the damage now and start talking about how we can get back into the heart of Europe. We need a seat at that table for all our sakes” – Lisa Burton Vice Chair Bremain in Spain

We Want Our STAR Back…

“You might expect that after seven long and painful years since the referendum, Brits abroad might have gotten over the stress, anger and sadness that shocked us to the core when we heard the result of the referendum. That has not been our experience at Bremain in Spain. When Brexit was supposedly “done”, we expected our membership numbers to dip as we all tried to come to terms with the situation. With Brexit removing our treasured rights and opportunities, we were now having to fight for all that we had lost with our hands tied behind our backs. We expected some members would think it was now time to move on – for their own sanity, if nothing else – but in fact, our numbers continue to grow.

Protecting the rights of UK nationals in the EU has always been one of our primary goals. Whilst we should look at all available options to enhance those rights, we have never believed in cakeism. The only way for us to regain all that we have lost is to regain our EU citizenship, and there is only one way to do that – by rejoining the EU. That’s why we were protesting and speaking at the National Rejoin March in London, as we have done every year since 2016, and will continue to do until we are back at the heart of Europe where we belong. This is too important a fight, and even if our politicians aren’t brave enough to admit as much, the public have woken up. Rejoining the EU is inevitable. We just have to get on with it. The country cannot afford to wait!” – Sue Wilson MBE Chair Bremain in Spain

“It was another brilliant day in the Rejoiner calendar, with numbers bigger than the first march last year. Despite some of the frankly ridiculous reports in UK media. People from all around the UK attended, not least seriously dedicated groups from Scotland. We also had people come from our European neighbours, not least the amazing crew at Bremain in Spain, one of whom, Lisa Burton, spoke at the rally and blew away the audience! It was an extremely positive and hope filled day and plans are now already underway for National Rejoin March III in 2024. See you all there!” – Peter Corr – Co-Founder National Rejoin March

Events 2023

Events 2023

23 September – National Rejoin March
In person – London – 13.00 BST
Join Bremain & march for rejoin!
Speakers include:
Guy Verhofstadt, Gina Miller, A.C. Grayling, Mike Galsworthy, Femi, Madeleina Kay, Steve Bray, Liz Webster & Bremain’s own Lisa Burton
More information will be available from the NRM website here, on Facebook here, on Twitter here or on Instagram here
Watch the Promo Video here
Bremain in Spain Facebook members can join our dedicated NRM march group here

Festival of Europe

22 September – Bremain in Spain AGM
In Person – London – 15.00 – 17.00 BST
Bremain are holding our Annual General Meeting in Europe House in Westminster.
The Agenda will include: Financial accounts, Annual Report, Strategy 2023/2024, Council Elections & Q & A.
There will be plenty of opportunity to take part, ask questions & to influence the future direction of Bremain.
Register your interest here

Festival of Europe

20 September – UK in a Changing Europe
In person/online – 19.00 – 20.15 BST
A fascinating conversation with between Anand Menon & Lord Heseltine, reflecting on his time in government (including roles in the Thatcher & Major cabinets, the current state of UK politics, Brexit, levelling up & the future of the Tory party.
Sign up here

Festival of Europe

19 September – UK in a Changin Europe
Live on Slido/Youtube – 13.00 BST
Can the UK-EU trade agreement be renegotiated?
Anand Menon, Stella Creasey, Peter Foster, Joel Reland, Janike Wachowiak
More information here
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

13 September – “Our Star” is coming back
Webinar – 19.30 BST
A curtain raiser for the “Choosing our Future” campaign that will launch a nationwide tour of discussions & public events. Find out about the aims, methods & people behind the campaign.
Peter French will be joined by representatives of various regional grassroots groups.
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

13 September – Grassroots for Europe
Zoom webinar – 19.15 BST
What has Brexit done to our economy, what will it do in the future & what can be done about it?
Speakers: Peter Foster & Alex Hall Hall
Reserve a place here in due course, along with details on how to register to attend.

Festival of Europe

11 September – Glasgow loves EU
Livestream event – 19.30 BST
Join Professor Richard Whitman for a discussion on post-Brexit foreign & defence policy, Brexit & the next general election, & European views on Scottish independence.
Go to the For social media details to access your stream of choice go to Glasgow Loves EU FB page here or contact them by email here

Festival of Europe

7 September – 4 Pro-PR groups
Webinar – 19.00 BST
How did other democracies get proportional representation?
Makes Votes Matter, Compass, Unlock Democracy & Get PR Done will discuss real world examples, practical lessons than can be drawn & the implications for PR campaigning in the UK
More information/reserve your place here

Festival of Europe

20 August – Music sounds better with EU II
Livestream Festival – 16.00 til late BST
Exclusive music, comedy & political commentary, with live chat & prizes.
Hosted by: Lee Rudd (NRM) & Ben Chambers (SMR)
Celebrity participants include:
Femi Oluwole, Terry Christian, Liz Webster, James O’Brien, Mike Cashman, Phil Moorhouse, Max Robespierre & many more
Watch live on NRM website here or on Twitter here

Festival of Europe

8 August – European Movement Scotland
Online Webinar – 18.00 BST
Scotland would rejoin the EU tomorrow is asked – but how?
Prof. Stephen Gethins, Eddie Barnes, David Gow
Register your interest here

Festival of Europe

15 July – European Movement UK
In person event (Sheffield) – 11.00 – 17.00 BST
Grassroots Conference 2023
Keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, campaign planning & networking. A light lunch will be provided.
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

14 July – European Movement International
Digital event – 10.30 – 11.30 CET
16th edition of Talking Europe, in conjunction with the European Commission, aiming to foster debate on the work of the EU & the effect on EU citizens  & the wider European Community.
Featuring: Ana Gallego Torres, Director General of DG Justice
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

5 July – Grassroots for Europe AGM
Online event – 18.30 – 20.00 BST
Draft agenda includes:

  • Report on activities to date
  • Plans & strategies for coming year
  • Ratification of council

Click on Zoom link to attend here

Festival of Europe

26/27 June – EuroPCom 2023
Brussels/Online – 14.00 (26th) – 14.00 (27th) CET
The European Public Communication Conference: Communicating democracy – communicating Europe.
Register to attend in person here
Register to attend online here

Festival of Europe

26 June – Unlock Democracy
Online webinar – 18.00 – 19.00 BST
A new charter to renew democracy: How can we reverse democratic backsliding in the UK? Join us for the launch of a new report.
Speaker: Prof. Toby James
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

24 June – Thank EU for the Music
London – 13.00 – 17.00 BST
Remain reunion summer boat party.
An annual awareness-raising event.
Bring your EU flags!
Further information & tickets purchase (£30) here  
or on Facebook here

Festival of Europe

22 June – London for Europe
Webinar – 18.45 BST
Our Star – Choosing our Future
Members of the EU, led by Terry Reintke, have been keeping “our star” safe until the UK rejoins the EU. The star is scheduled to travel from Brussels to London to appear at the National Rejoin March on 23 September, before travelling around the UK.
The webinar will discuss the schedule of events & how you can take part.
Register to join on Zoom here

Festival of Europe

20 June – UK in a Changing Europe – Lunch Hour
Live on Slido/YouTube – 13.00 BST
The Conservative Party after Brexit.
Speakers: Anand Menon, Tim Bale, Katy Balls, Sir Robert Buckland MP, Dr. Liam Fox
More information available here
Reserve a spot here

Festival of Europe

7 June – UK in a Changing Europe Conference
In person/Online – 9.30 – 17.30 BST
Annual Conference 2023, reflecting on the era-defining decision to leave the EU.
Speakers include: Anneliese Dodds MP, Prof. Sir John Curtice, Peter Kyle MP, Prof. Sir Lawrence Freedman. More information here
Register to attend in person here & online here

Festival of Europe

6 June – UK in a Changing Europe – Unlocked
In person & live on Slido – 19.00 – 20.15 BST
The Rt. Hon. Lord Kinnock reflects on his time as Labour leader, assesses Keir Starmer’s chances at the next election, reviews Britain’s place in the world post-Brexit & the state of British politics.
Register to attend in person (London) here
Register to attend online here

Festival of Europe

5 June – Another Europe is Possible
Online Zoom – 19.30 CET
As the economic crisis worsens & consequences of Brexit unfold, public opinion is shifting towards closer EU ties. What long-term strategy should the remain movement take to push for rejoin? 
Speaker: Richard Corbett
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

4 June – North Herts for Europe
Online Zoom – 17.00 – 19.15 BST
The human cost of Brexit and its impact on those who exercised EU treaty rights.
An account of the In Limbo Project.
Speaker: Cosima Doerfel Hill
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

24 May – European Movement UK
Online Zoom meeting – 19.00 CET
In conjunction with Labour Movement for Europe, take a look ‘behind the scenes’ at how the Labour manifesto will be drafted & how to get involved.
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

24 May – Make Votes Matter & others
London – 12.00 – 17.30 BST
The lobby for Equal Votes.
Our politics is out of touch because Parliament doesn’t clearly reflect how we vote. We need Proportional Representation so everyone’s voice is heard. Come to Westminster and meet your MP.
Further information available here

Festival of Europe

11 May – Pulse of Europe/E.Kent for Europe
Online Zoom event – 19.00 – 21.30 CET
Building Bridges between Germany & UK
Topic: Brexit: The current situation, our hopes & how the situation can be improved.
Join the guest list here

Festival of Europe

11 May European Parliament Liaison Office UK
Live Stream – 18.00 – 19.30 BST
What one generation does, so the next can undo.
Speaker: Alistair Campbell
For more information & to register, click here

Festival of Europe

10 May – The Federal Trust
In person (Coventry)/online event – 17.00 BST
Federalism – In Germany, the UK & the EU
Speakers: Dr. Harold Elletson, Brendan Donnelly
To attend in person register here
Watch online on YouTube here

Festival of Europe

9, 11, 13 May – Thank EU for the Music
Liverpool Arena – 21.00 CEST
Eurovision song contest – EU flag giveaway.
Volunteers are needed (likely between 6pm & 9pm) to hand out 1000s of EU flags.
Further information available here

Festival of Europe

8 May – Thank EU for the Music
Europe House, London – 13.00 BST
A pre-concert rally ahead off the Europe Day concert
Speakers include:
Mike Galsworthy, A.C. Grayling, Louise Brown
Further details re the concert here
Further details re the rally here

Festival of Europe

29 April – Volt UK Party Conference – London
In person/Online event – 11.00 – 15.00 BST
Agenda includes:

  • Strategy for General Election
  • Brexit & the Rejoin movement
  • Proportional Representation

Register to attend here


Festival of Europe

27 April – Good Law Project
Livestream event – 19.00 – 21.00 BST
Exploring the themes of “Bringing down Goliath” – in conversation with Jolyon Maugham KC
Hosted by: Carol Vorderman
Register to attend here
Watch on Facebook here
Watch on Twitter here
Watch on YouTube here


Festival of Europe

27 April – London 4 Europe/European Movement
Online event – 18.45 BST
The failure of Remain – a comprehensive study of the anti-Brexit movement
Panel:  Adam Fagan & Stijn van Kessel
Register to attend here


Festival of Europe

26 April – Grassroots for Europe
Online webinar – 19.30 BST
Brexit in the Celtic fringe – the state of the Pro-EU campaign in Scotland, Wales & N.I.
Panel: David Clarke, Jackie Jones, Jane Morris
Registration link available soon


Festival of Europe

25 April – UK in a Changing Europe – London
In person/Slido event – 19.00-20.15 BST
Speaker: the Rt. Hon Tom Tugendhat MP
Further information available here
Register to attend in person here
Register to attend online here


Festival of Europe

18 April – Make Votes Matter
Virtual event – 18.30 BST
Get set to Sort the System – the warm up to the People’s Lobby for Equal Votes taking place on 24 May.
Speakers include: Stephen Kinnock, Tom Brake, Jess Garland, Laura Parker & Nancy Platt
Register to attend here
Further information on the People’s Lobby here


Festival of Europe

30 March – East Kent for Europe
Online Zoom event – 18.00 – 19.30 BST
Where is the UK going? Why do we need Europe?
Speaker: Dominic Grieve – former Attorney General & Chair of Intelligence & Security Committee
Join the guest list here


Festival of Europe

29 March – UK in a Changing Europe
In person/live on Slido – 18.30 – 20.15 GMT
The parliamentary battle over Brexit and the Conservative Party.
Panel: Lord Gavin Barwell, Sir Graham Brady, Anand Menon, Isabel Hardmen, Lisa James, Meg Russell
To attend in person (London) sign up here
To attend online sign up here


Festival of Europe

25 March – National Rejoin March
#DayForRejoin events taking place in UK & EU
Bremain are holding their own events which are open to all, or you could organise your own.
More information on events in Spain below:
Picnic in Barcelona – 13.30 to 16.30 – here
Coffee Morning in La Rabita – 11.30 – here
For more information from the National Rejoin March organisers, checkout their website here


Festival of Europe

22 March – UK in a changing Europe
In person/live on Slido – 18.30 – 21.00 GMT
The economic impact of Brexit – as seen by a variety of economists.
Panel includes: Ken Coutts, Sophie Hale, John Springford, Mehreen Khan, Julian Jessop
Register to attend here


Festival of Europe

21 March – European Citizen Action Service
In person (Brussels)/online – 9.30 – 13.00 CET
ECAS is holding it’s annual ‘State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2023 Conference’.
Speakers include: Marc Angel (VP of EP), Marrit Westerweel & Dr. Nina Miller
Further information & agenda available here
Register to attend here


Festival of Europe

20 March – Compass
Virtual event – 18.00 – 19.15 GMT
Post-Fordeism: Party and Political Culture in a perma-crisis age
Chaired by: Baroness Ruth Lister
Speakers: Daniel Levy, Martin Forde, Francesca Klug OBE & Jennifer Nadel
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

19 March – National Rejoin March Q & A
Livestream – 19.00 – 20.00 GMT
Come & meet the NRM organisers & ask any questions
Hosted by: Lee Rudd
For further information, NRM website here
To attend event, choose relevant SM link:
Facebook Twitter YouTube TikTok


Festival of Europe

2 & 5 March – European Movement UK
Online Events – 19.00 (2nd) & 20.00 (5th) GMT
Hustings with candidates nominated for Chair
Hosted by: Gavin Esler
Candidates: Tom Brake, Patience Wheatcroft & Mike Galsworthy
Register to attend on 2/3 here
Register to attend on 5/3 here


Festival of Europe

1 March – The Northern Ireland Deal – Brexit Spotlight 60-Minute Briefing 17:00 GMT
Luke Cooper talks to Sorcha Eastwood (Alliance Party MLA) & Lisa Whitten (Queen’s University Belfast) about the Northern Ireland Deal between the UK and EU.
Live on YouTube


Festival of Europe

28 February – UK in a Changing Europe
Live on Slido & YouTube – 13.00 – 14.00 GMT
How feasible is “rejoin”?
Panel incudes: Anand Menon, Joelle Grogan, John Curtice Catherine Barnard & Hussain Kassim
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

23 February – London 4 Europe/EM UK
Online Webinar – 18.45 GMT
Why the N.I. Protocol is a great British concern (& not for the reasons you think)
Speaker: Prof. Katy Hayward
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe
22 February – Bath for Europe/EM UK
Online Webinar – 18.00 GMT
How we return to the EU – EM’s step-by-step strategy to rejoin the European Union.
Speaker: Anna Bird, CEO of EM
Register to attend here
Festival of Europe

15 February – Grassroots for Europe
Online webinar – 18.00 – 19.30 GMT
Brexit Polling: Beyond the Numbers.
Recent polls record a steady increase in anti-Brexit sentiment – the panel will interpret the results and discuss the implications
Panel includes:
Richard Bentall, Peter Kellner, Flo Hutchings
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

7 February – Make Votes Matter
In person (London)/online – 19.30-20.30 GMT
Democracy loves climate justice
Panel includes:
Baroness Natalie Bennett, Clive Lewis MP, Liz Saville Roberts MP, Dave Timms
Tickets for in person attendance from £5; tickets for online attendance £5
Register to attend/buy tickets here

Festival of Europe

2 February – European Movement UK
Online webinar – 19.00 – 20.30 GMT
The REUL Bill threatens our rights
Speakers include:
Caroline Lucas & Mhairi Snowden
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe
24 January – UK in a changing Europe
In person conference, London – 1.30 – 5.00 GMT
A reflection on the relationship between the UK & EU from 1972 to today, to coincide with 50th Anniversary of UK accession.
Panel includes: Stephen Kinnock, Catherine Barnard, Jonathan Hill, Anand Menon
Register to attend here
Festival of Europe
10 January – Oxford for Europe/Cambridge for Europe – Virtual Meeting – 19.00 GMT
A discussion about the current political malaise & what needs to be done about it.
Speaker: Prof. Richard Murphy
Register to attend here
Festival of Europe
Events 2022

Events 2022

3rd December – Electoral Reform Society
In person/Online event – 10.30 – 14.00 GMT
The members & supporters Conference & AGM takes place in Cardiff but you can also join online. Open to members only, but you can join in advance here
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

1st & 8th December – Stop Funding Hate
Zoom workshops – 13.00-15.00/10.30-12.20 GMT
Learn about tactics used by Stop Funding Hate to defund toxic media and discuss the theory of change. Also, discover how to work together to combat hate and spot different types of hate speech.
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

29th November – European Movement
In person & online event – 18.00 – 20.00 GMT
Battle for the soul of the country: In conversation with The Big 4
Panel: Lord Michael Heseltine, Sir Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas & Lord Andrew Adonis
Tickets (£25) currently sold out but you can add you name to the waiting list or join online
Join the waiting list here or watch online

Festival of Europe

23rd November – Good Law Project
Livestream Interview – 18.00 – 19.00 GMT
Join the Conversation with leading lawyer & experts on human right, Adam Wagner.
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

19th November – Unlock Democracy
In person & online event – 11.00 – 12.15 GMT
Democracy & the future of Britain: a conversation about national identity, devolution, independence & electoral reform
Speaker: Gavin Esler
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

16th November – Oxford for Europe
Zoom online event – 19.00 GMT
A perfect storm of crises – what can be done?
Panel: Lord John Alderdyce & Vicky Pryce
Further information available here
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

9th November – European Britons
Webinar – 20.30 CET
Thinking workshops: The rights & responsibilities of European Britons with regard to the EU?
Meeting ID: 884 4762 2577
Attend meeting via Zoom here

Festival of Europe

8th November – UK in a changing Europe
Live on Slido & YouTube – 13.00 – 14.15 GMT
The current economic climate, including the impact of Covid, Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis & government policies
Panel: Ben Chu, Gemma Tetlow, Jonathan Portes, Jill Rutter, Anand Menon
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

25th October – Independent Newspaper
Online Zoom – 18.30 – 19.30 BST
Deciphering Trussonomics:
What has happened, what it means & what to expect
Host: John Rentoul
Panel includes: Sean O’Grady & Julian Jessop
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

22nd October – National Rejoin March

Join Bremain in Spain at the first national march to rejoin the EU.
Speakers include: Terry Reintke, Molly Scott Cato, Julie Ward, Lord Adonis, Steve Bray, Femi Oluwole, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Mike Cashman, Mike Galsworthy, Siobhan Benita, Madeleina Kay & Bremain Chair, Sue Wilson

For further information, visit official website here
Listen to the latest SMR radio show, with interviews with the march organisers here
Advise the organisers of your attendance here
If you would like to volunteer, click here
Should you wish to donate, click here

Bremain is an official march partner. If you are a member of the Bremain in Spain Facebook group & are planning to attend, please apply to join our dedicated march group here

Festival of Europe

20th October – UK in a Changing Europe
Live on Slido & YouTube – 13.00 – 14.15 BST
Levelling Up: What England thinks
Chair: Paula Surridge
Panellists: Jen Williams, Will Jennings, Lawrence McKay, Suzanne Hall, Sophie Stowers
Register for the event here

Festival of Europe

18th October – York for Europe
Online Zoom – 19.30 BST
The new European Political Community which has just met in Prague for the first time.
To join the conversation simply click the Zoom link below at the meeting start time.
Speaker: Richard Corbett – Honorary President of Leeds for Europe & former Labour MEP
Zoom link here

Festival of Europe

13th October – Stop Funding Hate
Online Workshop – 18.30 – 20.00 BST
A fun, interactive workshop designed to help you work against hate, enable you to spot different types of hate speech and to teach you how to deal with it.
Register to attend here
Unable to attend? Email for future dates here

Festival of Europe

13th September – Make Votes Matter
In person event, London – 19.30 – 20.30
Democracy loves climate justice – PR can have a positive impact on climate emergency
Chair: Jonathan Porritt, + panellists Natalie Bennett, Wera Hobhouse, Clive Lewis
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

27th July – Independent
Online event – 18.30 – 19.30 BST
Brexit: Will a new PM be able to solve the N.I. issue?
Panel: A panel of experts will be hosted by chief political commentator, John Rentoul
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

21st July – Federal Trust
Online event – 17.00 – 19.00 BST
Getting Brexit undone
Speakers: Prof. Andrew Blick, Dr. Denis MacShane, Brendan Donnelly
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

21st July – UK in a Changing Europe
Live on Slido/You Tube – 13.00 – 14.15 BST
The current economic climate & the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, Covid & Brexit
Economics Panel: Ben Chu, Thomas Sampson, Gemma Tetlow & Anand Menon
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

19th July – Makes Votes Matter
Virtual event – 18.30 BST
Democracy Loves Local Power – showcasing Proportional Representation
Panellists: Jane Dodds, Zack Polanski, Paul Sweeney, Tommy Sheppard, Jackie Weaver
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

5th July – European Movement International
Online panel discussion – 10.00 – 11.30 CEST
Building on the Conference on the Future of Europe – The Way Forward
Panel includes: Alice-Marie Higgins, Joy Clara Schäflein, Marco Cilento, Petros Fassoulas
Event page and livestream link here

Festival of Europe

25th June – SLF Conference
In person & online – 10.00 – 16.30 BST
UK & Europe: Offshore Island or Part of the Main? Full Programme here
Speakers include: Will Hutton, Prof. Chris Grey, Alistair Carmichael, Sophie in ‘t Veld
Buy in person tickets here, online here

Festival of Europe

23rd June – UK in a Changing Europe
In person & online – 09.00 – 17.30 BST
The World Beyond Brexit
Speakers include: Lord David Frost, David Lammy, Anand Menon
Sign up here

Festival of Europe

16th June – European Movement Int’l
Online event – 14.00 – 15.30 CEST
Building on the Conference on the Future of Europe – What’s Next?
Speakers include: Alice-Mary Higgins, Maroc Cilento, Petros Fassoulas
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

15th June – Good Law Project
Online live event – 17.00 – 18.00 – BST
Is the UK Shutting Down Dissent?
Panel includes: Jo Maugham, Roger Hallam, Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamim, Parm Sandhu
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

13th June – Make Votes Matter
Virtual event – 18.30 – 20.00 BST
Democracy Loves Strong & Stable Government
Speakers include: Terry Reintke, David Gauke, Stephen Kinnock, Malcolm Baalman
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

11th June – Make Votes Matter
National Action Day – all day

An opportunity to help reinforce grassroots momentum for Proportional Representation.
Save the date and consider planning your own local event. Further details will be available in due course.
View MVM website here

Festival of Europe

9th June European Movement UK
Zoom Meeting – 20.00 BST
Explaining EM’s “Step by Step to Rejoin” campaign policy
Guest Speaker: EM’s Campaigns Strategy Advisor, Dr. Mike Galsworthy
Meeting ID: 876 6523 7696
Zoom link here

Festival of Europe

25th May – Solidarity Knows No Borders
Online line – 18.00 BST
End the hostile environment and fight for migrant and racial justice
Speakers: Full list on view when you register
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

24th May – Make Votes Matter
Webinar – 19.00 CET
Democracy Loves Diversity – showcasing how we can use PR to build a better society.
Speakers: Femi Oluwole, Shaista Aziz, Amelia Womack, Dr. Hannah Barham-Brown, Hina Bokhari, Dr. Maria Iacovou
Reserve your place here

Festival of Europe

23rd May – Make Votes Matter/Get PR Done
Online event launch – 19.00 BST
New project – “Councils for PR: one goal, one motion” – working to change the UK to Proportional Representation in elections.
Speaker: Clive Lewis MP
Send email to receive registration link

Festival of Europe

14th May – Open Britain
Stop the Rot rally – London – 11.00
This event marks the beginning of a ‘summer of action’ for all those saying enough is enough.
Speakers include: David Lammy, Peter Tatchell, Tom Brake, Rosie Holt, Marina Purkiss
Sign up for the rally here

Festival of Europe

9th May European Parliament Liaison Office
In person live concert – London – 19.00
To celebrate Europe Day, the concert will also be live-streamed & will include pieces by Mozart, Dvořák & Beethoven
Performers: The Chamber Orchestra of Europe & the European Community Youth Orchestra
More details here

Festival of Europe

8th May EU Flag Mafia – Europe Day Concert
Ticketed event – London – 14.30 + rally at Europe House at 13.00
Celebrate Europe Day & support Ukraine DEC
Performers: Romano Viazzani Ensemble, Joanna Strand, Jacqui Tate, Alessandro Fisher
More details here, buy tickets here

Festival of Europe

29th April – 1st May – Byline Festival
Ticketed Event
A mix of inquisitive journalism, Free Speech, Comedy, Music & Entertainment
Contributors include: Rio Ferdinand, Carole Cadwalladr, Jonathan Pie, Bonnie Greer OBE
More information available here
Buy tickets here

Festival of Europe

20th April – Grassroots for Europe
Zoom event – 19.30 BST
Telling a New Story about Europe: Insights from Psychology
Speakers: Richard Bentall, Nick Crosby & Jane Thomas
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

6th April – Independent
Online Event – 18.30 BST
Exploring the Government’s Pursuit of Brexit Opportunities
Panel of experts: John Rentoul, Prof. Anand Menon, Naomi Smith, John Stone
Questions can be submitted in advance
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

31st March – Bylines Network
Online event 19.00 – 20.30 GMT
A Guide to Electoral Journalism
Scott Hunter, Jane Thomas, Alex Toal
Join the guestlist here

Festival of Europe

31st March – DCU Brexit Institute
Online event – 15.00 GMT
The Ukraine War & the Future of the EU
Speakers include: Prof. Daire Keogh, Thomas Byrne TD, Prof. Anand Menon
Register to attend here

Festival of Europe

29th March – ECAS
Online Conference – 9.30 – 12.30 CET
State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2022
Reinventing EU Citizenship post COVID 19
Speakers include: Tana Toom MEP, Julie Bishop, Eoin Young, Omro Preiss
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Festival of Europe

29th March – UK in a Changing Europe
In person event & live on Slido – 09.00 – 17.30 GMT
Constitution & Governance in the UK Conference
Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, Baroness Hale
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Festival of Europe

24th March – E. Kent European Movement Online Zoom event – 19.15 – 20.45 GMT
How Britain Ends: the stresses & strains resulting from Brexit
Speaker: Gavin Esler
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Festival of Europe

10th March – Festival of Europe
Zoom event – 19.00 GMT
Young Brits on the Future of Europe
Madeleina Kay, Olga Ambrosiewicz, Michael Anderson
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Festival of Europe

10th March – European Movement Int’l
Streaming live on Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube /Linked In – 13.00 – 14.00 CET
European Chats with EM UK & Switzerland
Lord Adonis, Raphael Bez, Petros Fassoulas
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Festival of Europe

9th March – Good Law Project & Redress
Live Facebook/Twitter – 18.00–19.00 GMT
The fragile state of UK citizenship
Panel includes:
Jo Maugham, Richard Ratcliffe, Yasmin Ahmed
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Festival of Europe

3rd March – European Movement -UK
Online event – 18.30 GMT
What Putin’s invasion of Ukraine means for Europe
Speakers include:
H.E. Sophie Katsarava MBE, Kees Klompenhouwer, Claire Moody
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Festival of Europe

22nd February

Online event

20.15 – 22.00 CET

N.E. Surrey for Europe
The Lost Decade, Brexit & Austerity
Polly Toynbee, Journalist
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Festival of Europe

22nd February

In person conference, London, & live on Slido

9.00 – 17.30 GMT

UK in a Changing Europe
British politics after Brexit Conference 2022
Speakers include:
Adam Boulton, Prof. Anand Menon, Sam Coates, Carla Denyer, Huw Edwards, Sir John Curtice
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Festival of Europe

17th February

Online Zoom /Facebook livestream event

15.00 – 16.30

London School of Economics
In conversation with VP for Spain & Minister for the Economy & Digital Transformation
Nadia Calviño Santamaría, Prof. Iain Begg
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Festival of Europe

7th February

Online event

18.00 – 19.00 GMT

Best for Britain
Beyond Democracy
Alexandra Hall-Hall, former diplomat
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Festival of Europe

6th February

Facebook live event

20.00 CET

Boris Johnson’s Leaving ‘work event’
Event hosted by James Dart
Join in wishing Big Dog all the best as he moves on to pastures new. BYOB!
Keep it to yourself.
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Festival of Europe

5th February


12.00 – 14.00 GMT

Make Votes Matter:
Elections Bill Rallies
London & Manchester
Speakers (London):
Fleur Andersons, Tom Brake, Naomi Smith, John McDonnell, Carla Denyer, Zack Polanski
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Festival of Europe

3rd February

Online event – live

14.00 CET

A Place in the Sun
In conjunction with the British Consulate
Panel includes:
Sarah-Jane Morris & Martyn Standing from Embassy Health & Social Care Team
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Festival of Europe

3rd February

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18.30 – 20.00 GMT

European Movement UK
A Vision for the Future of Europe
Catherine Bearder, Charles Tannock, Richard Corbett, Molly Scott Cato
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27th January

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19.00 – 20.30 GMT

Festival of Europe
Brexit impact on the UK’s music industry
Anna Patalong, Howard Goodall CBE, Julian Azkoul
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Festival of Europe

20th January

Zoom online event

20.00 – 21.30 GMT

West Country Voices
Democracy in Danger
Molly Scott Cato – former MEP, Peter Jukes – Byline Times, Naomi Smith – Best for Britain
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I Limbo Too

13th January

Zoom Webinar

15.00 GMT

York for Europe
Join Juliet Lodge for a chat with:
Terry Reintke MEP & Vice-President of Green/EFA group, founder of the EU/UK Friendship Group
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I Limbo Too
Bremain in Spain Annual General Meeting – 15th November 2022

Bremain in Spain Annual General Meeting – 15th November 2022

This year, for the first time, the Bremain AGM was an online event.

We had intended to hold the meeting in London to coincide with the National Rejoin March, but due to the death of the Queen, both events were postponed.

Bremain Chair Sue Wilson started the meeting by welcoming everyone and outlining the agenda before handing over to Treasurer, Helen Johnston, who shared our financial report for 2021 – 2022.

Bremain Vice Chair Lisa Burton then presented our ANNUAL REPORT detailing Bremain’s year. We discussed our growing membership, this year’s achievements, memorable events and media representation.
Sue presented our STRATEGY for the coming year, which was welcomed and approved by all attendees. Bremain Secretary, Mike Phillips, confirmed that all existing council members wished to remain in post and the attendees unanimously agreed and approved this.

The meeting ended with a question and answer section where members put forward any queries and feedback to the council.

Bremain council would like to express our gratitude to those who took the time to attend and to all our members for their continued support.

The MINUTES of the meeting are available HERE

British Embassy Updates

British Embassy Updates

Bremain in Spain are proud to work closely with the British Ambassador & Embassy staff to keep you informed about life in Spain.

Throughout the Brexit process, the Embassy have been providing regular updates on our rights in Spain, and the necessary measures to take to ensure those rights are protected. We are grateful for all their efforts on our behalf & for sharing any developments promptly & efficiently.

We will pass on any new information as it becomes available, so please check in regularly for all the latest news.

Right: Chair Sue Wilson with British Ambassador Hugh Elliott

Sue Wilson Embassy
From an article by Bremain Chair, Sue Wilson, in The Local Newspaper, the Ambassador, Hugh Elliott told us:

“I know that, because of the suspension of residency appointments during the current state of emergency, many UK nationals are concerned about their ability to obtain the correct documentation before 31 December. I want to reassure people on two points. If you already have the green residency certificate, your core rights are protected and it remains a valid document, even after the end of the transition period. If you don’t yet have your green residency certificate there is, likewise, no need for alarm. We continue to advise people to get an appointment as soon as you can. However, as long as you are living in Spain and can prove that you satisfy the legal conditions of residence (i.e. sufficient income and access to healthcare) by 31 December 2020, your rights are assured even if you are not able to get the physical document before the end of the year.” 

Read the full article “What will Brits in Spain need in order to feel settled?” here


The Embassy welcome direct contact from members of the public, with general or more specific, personal enquiries. Please use this LINK to make direct contact as it will generate an online form & provide a reference number.

You can also contact the consulate in your area – a list of consulates can be found here

You will receive a direct response in due course.

The Embassy provide regular updates, including live Q & A sessions, on their Facebook page here

The Embassy website has a wealth of information on a variety of topics, including details of how things will change after the end of Brexit transition period here

You can also follow them on Twitter: @BritsliveSpain

Update from Embassy 23 November

Bremain attended a webinar with the Embassy today to discuss the pressing issues of Driving Licence exchange and local voting rights in Spain.


Driving licence exchange – the discussions have progressed & the next steps are legal checks & political processes. While the timeline is out of the Embassy’s control, further information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available.

For the latest information of the conclusion of the two outstanding issues, watch the video from the Ambassador here

Local elections Spain – the Municipal elections will take place on 28 May 2024. UK nationals are eligible to vote as long as they are registered on the Padron and have been resident in Spain for 3 years.

It is advisable to check beforehand that you are on the Padron, with the correct address, ahead of the date window for registration on the electoral roll – 1/12/22 – 15/1/23. For more information visit the Living in Spain website here


Update from Embassy 11 June

Following the ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding EU citizenship and voting/standing in local elections, the Embassy would like to confirm the rules with regards to Spain.

The ECJ ruled that with Brexit, we lost our EU citizenship rights and the right to vote and stand in local elections under EU law. However, this does not affect UK nationals’ right to vote and stand in local elections in Spain. This is because a bilateral agreement exists between Spain and the UK which allows UK nationals who have lived in in Spain for more than 3 years to vote and stand in local elections.

More information on voting rights in Spain (and the treaty, signed in January 2019) is available in the Embassy’s Living in Spain guide.

Update from Embassy 23 February

The latest update from the Embassy includes information on a variety of subjects, including an extension for the use of UK driving licences in Spain.

For all the latest information, click on the relevant PDF below for all the latest details and useful links.

  • Driving Licence PDF
  • Access to regional employment services PDF
  • Residence registration PDF
  • Voting rights and registration on the electoral roll PDF

Update from Embassy 22 December

As the year comes to a close, the Embassy have provided an update on the issues that are still concerning UK nationals living in Spain.


Following a negative outcome on a residency application, some UK nationals have received an instruction to leave Spain within 15 days. While discussions between the relevant authorities are ongoing, the Embassy have put together some information for those finding themselves in this position. Open the Residency PDF for further details.


Ambassador Hugh Elliott has recorded a video message for UK Licence holders living in Spain, which has been posted on the Brits in Spain Facebook channel. Negotiations are “progressing” but have yet to reach a conclusion. An extension to the current grace period has been asked for, and is expected to be granted, before the end of the year. Open the Driving Licence PDF for further details.


UK travellers are still experiencing inconsistencies at the border, with some Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries being stamped despite presenting evidence of their residence status, and some visitors being stamped only on entry and not on exit.

For the second group – the travellers who are concerned that they received an entry but not an exit stamp –  the Embassy have recently updated their travel advice page with information in line with the Schengen Borders Code. This information currently sits under the subheading ‘visas’ on the page. We advise UK travellers to carry evidence of when and where they last entered and exited the Schengen Area when travelling in the future as you can ask a border guard to add this information into your passport. Acceptable forms of evidence can include boarding passes and tickets.


In response to issues raised in this regard by Bremain in Spain, the Embassy have put together some information. Open the Pensions PDF for further information.

Update from Embassy 13 November

The Embassy are often contacted for assistance in areas they are unable to assist with. To clarify where they can help, and to point people in the right direction where they can’t, a guide has been produced to explain the services they provide. Click here to open the guide

For visas for those wishing to move to Spain, please contact the Spanish consulate in the UK

To contact the Embassy in Madrid by phone or online, or for more information click here

Update from Embassy 27 October


The Spanish government has today announced that valid UK licences will continue to be recognised for driving in Spain until 31 December 2021.

Negotiations are ongoing, and the Embassy will continue to provide information as and when any developments happen.

Independent of those ongoing negotiations, UK Nationals who successfully registered their intent to exchange their licence before 30 December 2020, will be able to exchange it for a Spanish one without having to take a practical test up until the end of this year. The Embassy understands that some people who tried to register their intent have subsequently found out that they were unsuccessful in doing so. If this is your situation and you are unclear as to why, you should contact the DGT directly to discuss further.

If you moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your UK licence is valid for six months from the date of your TIE or until 31 December, whichever is later.

Update from Embassy 12 October

UK national stakeholder event with FCDO Minister for Europe and the Americas

On Thursday 30 September, Wendy Morton, FCDO Minister for Europe and the Americas, met with 14 representatives from ten organisations that work closely with the UK community in Spain, as part of her visit to Madrid.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Minister to hear of the main concerns and issues affecting UK nationals in Spain, following the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, ahead of her meetings with the Spanish government later that day. The issues raised included: registration/residency applications, visa processing, the stamping of passports, immigrations status, moving back to the UK and many more.

The Minister assured representatives she would be raising issues, such as the registration of UK nationals in Spain and driving licence exchange, in her meetings with the Spanish government, and that ensuring smooth visa processes was also a priority. Citizens’ rights remains a priority for the UK government and the British Embassy in Madrid continues to engage with the relevant UK and Spanish authorities on the various issues that were raised.

Bremain in Spain was ably represented by Vice Chair, Lisa Ryan Burton and Council Member and Newsletter Editor, Helen Johnston.

For further details regarding the topics discussed, view the PDF

Update from Embassy 27 September

Earlier this year, the Embassy carried out a series of Healthcare focus groups throughout the EU. Some of the most popular questions and concerns were about NHS access and S1 registration, with participants wanting more detailed information.

As a result, the Embassy have produced the following series of infographics. Click on the relevant PDF for more information:

  • The S1 form (an explainer on what the S1 is, who can apply etc) PDF
  • How to access the NHS if you are a UK national living in the EU PDF
  • How to access the NHS if you are a registered S1 form holderPDF
  • How to register your S1 form in SpainPDF

Registering your S1 with the INSS

The INSS has recently updated its online portal.  The process has been revised, and there’s a specific link for S1 form holders who wish to register online.  There is a dedicated page on which outlines the process for registering your S1 online, and which has been updated to reflect changes made.

Please note that, at present, the page is only in Spanish and it has an additional series of instructions to ensure you confirm your identity.


Update from Embassy 25 June

Starting today, the Embassy Health Team are offering one-to-one calls with UK nationals on the last Friday of every month, continuing throughout the summer.

How does it work?

You can book a 10-minute slot to speak to one of the health team about your individual circumstances, relating to healthcare access. Click on the link here to book your appointment.

What can people call about?

The objective is to help those who are still struggling to register or are having issues with accessing healthcare. Unfortunately, the Embassy will not be offering advice or assistance with anything related to provision of care, or the Covid-19 vaccine – both of which fall outside the remit of the team.

Future sessions will be advertised on the Brits in Spain Facebook page a few days before the event.

Update from Embassy 23 June


On Tuesday 22 June, the Spanish Consejo de Ministros agreed an extension to several measures in their end-of-transition period Royal Decree.  One was on the recognition of UK driving licences in Spain.  The announcement in English can be found here.

The deadline for the exchange of driving licences, for those who were resident in Spain prior to the end of the transition period, has been extended. For full details of the changes, read our PDF here

 You can also find further details re driving licences, for those who did not register details/intent before the 31/12/20 deadline, in the PDF.

Update from Embassy 27 May

On Thursday 27th May, Bremain in Spain Chair, Sue Wilson and Vice Chair, Lisa Ryan Burton attended an update meeting with British Embassy staff to discuss:

  • Driving Licence Exchange
  • Travel – including the much discussed ‘carta de invitación´
  • Residency
  • Votes for life – government press release

To read all about those discussions and get the latest information, click on the PDF here.

Update from Embassy 21 May

In response to members’ concerns about entry requirements to Spain – especially in relation to visitors to our homes – the Embassy have provided the following update and helpful links.

Following recent discussions with the Spanish authorities, the relevant Embassy webpages have been updated, and further clarification will be available in due course.

The following websites are recommended by the Embassy as the best sources of information:

There is further information direct from the Embassy in the PDF

Update from Embassy 21 April

On Tuesday 20 April, our Chair, Bremain in Spain Chair, Sue Wilson took part in a meeting with representatives of the FCDO (Citizens’ Rights department) and British Embassy staff from Madrid and Paris. The meeting was also attended by representatives of citizens’ rights groups from 7 EU countries.

The meeting involved discussions around the misrepresentation in the media of recent coverage of events regarding UK nationals, most especially in Spain. Other topics included communications, information and support being provided for Brits abroad, followed by a question and answer session.

To read more about the meeting, open the PDF

Update from Embassy 16 April

There has been some confusion over the rules for visiting other Schengen countries when legally resident in Spain. We asked the Embassy to clarify how long you are entitled to visit, and whether the rules are different for those with temporary residency to those with permanent residency.

Open the PDF for confirmation of:

  • Length of stay for visits
  • Requirements for extended stays for work
  • Length of time you can be out of Spain without affecting your residency
  • Differences between temporary & permanent residency rights (where they exist)
Update from Embassy 4 March

In response to recent concerns our members raised over access to Spain’s vaccination programme, we approached the Embassy directly and received this response:

“The Spanish Government’s Vaccination Strategy sets out that all people living in Spain will be eligible for the vaccine, regardless of nationality or residency status.  The Vaccination Strategy is updated regularly to include new priority groups as the number of doses available gradually increases.  You might be interested to see this question and answer from the Spanish government’s FAQ website, which highlights that all people in the priority groups, irrespective of their nationality or type of sickness insurance cover, are being vaccinated.

Those UK nationals who are already registered in the public health system should be contacted by their regional health authority to arrange an appointment.  The Spanish authorities are asking insurance companies to coordinate with regional health services in order to provide vaccines to their customers.  The Spanish authorities are also considering how to contact people who are not registered on the public system nor with a private insurer.  Ultimately, our advice to UK nationals living in Spain remains that they contact their local health centre and/or insurer for more information.”

The Embassy will provide further updates as and when further information is available, and the issue will be followed closely by the Embassy communications team.

Update from Embassy 26 February

The Department for Health & Social Care has today provided healthcare updates, and potential solutions to difficulties being faced by UK nationals when registering S1 forms.

Open the PDF HERE for more information on the following, plus some useful links:

  • Continuation of S1 scheme
  • Sending medication via courier from the UK to Spain
  • S1 registration issues
Update from Embassy 16 February

There has been plenty of information available recently regarding applications for Spanish residency. To date, that information has related to those that arrived in Spain before the end of the Brexit transition period.

What are the requirements for those moving to Spain from 1 January 21?

UK nationals moving to Spain post Brexit (and who are not joining close family members under WA family reunification rules) will need to meet the same requirements as other third country nationals.

In most cases, this will require starting the process via the Spanish consulate in the UK, before traveling to Spain.  The requirements will differ depending on the visa/residence permit the person is applying for (e.g. a residence and work permit, a non-lucrative visa, etc).

UK nationals requiring further information about visas/residence permits should consult with the competent authorities for Spain:

For the Spanish Consulate in the UK visa FAQ page, click here

For the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration page, click here

Update from Embassy 10 February

The Embassy has produced an essential guide explaining your citizens’ rights as covered by the Withdrawal Agreement. The guide contains information of the following topics, as well as many useful links:

  • Living & working
  • Healthcare
  • Driving
  • Education
  • Voting
  • Travel
  • Pensions

You can view/download the guide HERE or click on the image below. Hard copies are available from the Embassy directly.

Update from Embassy 27 January

 On Wednesday 27 January, our Bremain Chair, Sue Wilson & Vice Chair, Lisa Burton attended a meeting with British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott & his Embassy team.

The Ambassador & his team spoke to a number of issues – many of which are being compounded by both Brexit & Covid. Prior to the meeting, our members raised a number of important concerns with us.

The topics covered were:

  • Vaccination programme in Spain
  • Stamping passports
  • S1 registration delays
  • Driving licences
  • Lack of appointments for TIE
  • Authorities holding your documentation (while waiting for residencia)
  • Increased bank charges
  • Buying property in designated military areas
Hugh Elliott
For answers to all of the above issues, & to access many useful links to additional sources of information, read our PDF here

 Thank you for bringing these important issues to Bremain’s attention, and to the Embassy for their knowledge, support and efforts on behalf of all Brits in Spain.

Update from Embassy 23 January

Spanish Bank accounts & the TIE

The Spanish government has produced a public document which explicitly confirms the continuing validity of the green residence certificate as proof of a person’s rights under the Withdrawal Agreement and therefore their residence rights/status in Spain.

Embassy Letter
In a recent article, it was suggested that banks in Spain would require all British customers to be in possession of a TIE. Whilst a bank may well be within their rights to ask that customers keep their details and personal identification documents up to date (e.g. their passport), they should not insist that a holder of a green EU residence certificate exchanges it to a TIE in order to prove their residence rights and continue banking with them.  If you are asked by your bank to do so, please direct them to the above document.
Update from Embassy 4 January

In response to the recent travel issues experienced by British nationals returning to Spain, the Spanish authorities, in conjunction with the British Embassy, have issued a statement clarifying the position.

An example of the accepted residency documents can be found here

For details on entry requirements into Spain please see the Consulate General of Spain update here

Embassy Letter
Update from Embassy 2 January

The Spanish Ministry of Migration have updated their website to include two really helpful pieces of info:

  • An updated version of the FAQ document, which includes many of the questions we supplied to the Embassy and which they have been feeding into them on our behalf. These include what to do if you’ve exchanged your green residence certificate for a TIE but want to change it to a permanent card before the original TIE expires – see p.37
  • A bilingual, informative note on the documentation that UK nationals can use to evidence their residence status and that they are a beneficiary of the WA. Notwithstanding the Spanish government’s clear recommendation for UK nationals to get the TIE, this confirms the validity of the green certificate, even if it is older than 5 years and doesn’t say ‘permanente’.

The Embassy and officials at the Spanish Migration ministry hope that UK nationals will be able to print off or point to this second document should they have any problems in exercising their rights or accessing services in Spain.

The English version of the ministry website and the Embassy’s own Living in Spain guide should be updated with this information shortly.

Update from Embassy 15 December

Bremain joined other stakeholders for an online Embassy conference call, to discuss current issues affecting Brits in Spain.

We raised a number of issues that our members brought to our attention beforehand, & you can read full details of those in our PDF here

Topics covered included: travel, residency/TIE, EHIC, driving licences & more.

Update from Embassy 25 November

Bremain held its first webinar in conjunction with Lorna Geddie from the Embassy. The 63 Bremain members attending raised questions on a wide range of topics, including travel, visa requirements, pensions, banking, residency, healthcare/EHIC, swallows rights, driving licences & dual citizenship.

Many thanks to Lorna for her valuable input & to all those that took part.
In response to all the issues raised, Lorna has kindly put together a PDF especially for Bremain in Spain members. (Last update: January 2021)

“I am very grateful to Sue and the Bremain in Spain team for setting up the webinar and it was great to see so many members on the call. It is so useful for the Embassy to hear and understand the questions and concerns of UK nationals in Spain, as it helps us with our citizens’ rights work going forward. I would urge anyone who hasn’t already done so to check out the information available via the Living in Spain guide on and to sign up for email alerts to ensure they keep up to date with all the latest developments.” 
Lorna Geddie, British Embassy
Lorna Geddie - photo

“My thanks to Sue, Matt and Lisa for organising the webinar, and very especially to Lorna who was clear, knowledgeable and very generous with her time” – Richard Lander

”Thanks very much for organising an excellent meeting & to all involved” – Mel Slater

“A wide range of topics were covered. Very interesting, informative & inclusive” – Sue Scarrott

”Thank you to everyone at Team Bremain for making this happen” – Jacqueline Davison


Update from Embassy 17 November

The Embassy have provided us with updates relating to:

  • British bank accounts for Spanish residents
  • DGT latest protocol re driving licences

To read the latest information re banking, click on the PDF HERE

To read the latest information re driving licence applications, click on the PDF HERE

 You will also find a post on the subject on the Embassy “Brits in Spain” Facebook page here


Update from Embassy 11 November

The government have introduced a new portal to improve the process of applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you are eligible for a new card, for use after the end of the Brexit transition period, you can apply using the link below.


In addition to a wealth of information about the EHIC, including eligibility post-Brexit, the Embassy have also compiled a list of FAQs on the subject – just click on the PDF HERE

To apply for your new UK EHIC via the new portal, click HERE


Update from Embassy 6 November 2020

The Embassy’s dedicated healthcare team have provided an update on exportable benefits. The policy review – which applies to those wishing to make a new application for an S1 form from 1/1/21 only – affects those who are in receipt of:

  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
NB. this policy change does not affect the following groups:

  • those who qualify for an S1 form on the basis of another benefit, such as a UK State Pension
  • those receiving benefits from an existing S1

To read the Embassy update on exportable benefits in full, click on the PDF HERE

The healthcare team have also responded to your queries regarding EHIC cards. You can read their update PDF HERE (Updated 9/11/2020)

If you have any further questions, you can contact the dedicated health team by email at:


Update from Embassy 16th October 2020 – Your questions answered

Bremain in Spain members submitted a number of interesting questions to the Embassy, regarding residencia, driving licences, Withdrawal Agreement rights & much more. Open the PDF for your questions & the Embassy’s answers HERE or select FAQs image right. Further questions on healthcare have been submitted to the specialist team & will be answered in due course.

The Embassy also provided some useful Spanish authority links for further information:

Update from Embassy 9th October 2020

 Driving Licences

The Embassy has been in touch with the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) regarding the difficulty in getting driving licence appointments. The Embassy are working with the DGT to improve the process for British citizens resident in Spain. For all the latest details, open the PDF, where you will also find updates regarding registration issues.

Specialised Committee on Citizens’ Rights (SCCR)

The SCCR met on 8 October for the 3rd time – the agenda included social security coordination, registration and support for the most vulnerable. You can read the joint statement from the UK and EU, issued following the meeting here

For details open or download the PDF HERE or select image above.


Update from Embassy 23rd September 2020 HMA video for UK Nationals

With 100 days until the end of the Transition Period, HMA Hugh Elliott has recorded a message for UK Nationals – providing reassurance about citizens’ rights under the Withdrawal Agreement and reinforcing the importance of being legally resident.

Updates from Embassy on 22nd September 2020 re potential bank account closures

Thousands of British citizens living in the EU have been contacted by UK banks warning of potential account closures due to Brexit.

Following concerns raised by members, Bremain contacted the Embassy for an urgent update.

Please open or download the PDF HERE or select image right for the Embassy’s swift response.

To receive the latest updates direct from the Embassy, we recommend you sign up for the Embassy email alerts. You can select your preferred frequency of alert here


Updates from Embassy on 18th September 2020

Read updates from the British Embassy regarding:

    • The Internal Market Bill
    • TIE
    • Driving Licences
    • Dates for LIVE Facebook events
Embassy Spain Advice
For details open or download the PDF HERE or select image above.


On Friday 11 September, Bremain in Spain Chair, Sue Wilson took part in an Embassy Stakeholder meeting. Topics discussed included:

  • Internal Market Bill
  • TIE applications
  • Communications
  • Stakeholders input
  • UKNSF government funded support programmes
  • Healthcare

For more information, download the PDF HERE or select image right.

Living in Spain after Brexit
A few outstanding queries have yet to be answered, but on receipt of any further updates from the Embassy, we will pass on any additional information.