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Bremainers Ask…  Lord Chris Rennard MBE

Bremainers Ask… Lord Chris Rennard MBE

 Formerly the Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrat Party, Lord Rennard was elevated to the House of Lords in 1999. He was Director of Campaigns and Elections for the Liberal Democrats from 1989 to 2003 and Chief Executive of the Party from 2003 to 2009.Iain Shirlaw...

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A Rose by Any Other Name?

A Rose by Any Other Name?

Multi-millionaire, Richard Tice, has got his knickers in a twist over the definition of Reform UK, formerly known as the Brexit Party. Reform UK - or to give it its official Companies House title, Reform UK Party Limited – has been labelled as a far-right party, a...

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Bremainers Ask……  Prof. Chris Grey

Bremainers Ask…… Prof. Chris Grey

Chris Grey is Emeritus Professor of Business and Management Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London. He previously held professorships at Warwick and Cambridge Universities. Since 2016 he has written the Brexit & Beyond Blog, and he is the author of Brexit...

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Bremainers Ask 2023 highlights

Bremainers Ask 2023 highlights

What did this year’s contributors have to say about rejoining the EU?Gina Miller: What do you think will be the path and timescale to rejoining the EU? Under EU law, the UK is now a third country, so it would have to reapply and undergo the whole accession procedure...

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Yesterday's Statement from ELECTORAL REFORM SOCIETY, noting that ALL FIVE significant minor parties have committed by manifesto to replacing Britain's antiquated "1st Past the Post" voting system with PR (as in all EU countries, albeit different methods). notably this includes…

just amazing that people believe what comes out of #Farages mouth, someone please ask him who are members of W.E.F. - (hint Non)

So far as I can tell the people the @conservatives are fielding to the media today are @michaelgove (not standing, doing a runner back to journalism), and (Lord) Michael Howard (can’t vote and ran possibly the second worst Tory election campaign (Sunak 🥇). Barrels. Scraping.

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