BRITS living in Spain are on their way home after joining the 670,000-strong People’s Vote march in central London calling for the public to have a final say on any Brexit deal – and for this vote to include an option to remain in the European Union. Bremain in Spain, a campaign group fighting Brexit with over 5,200 members on its Facebook site, joined the march with their slogan ‘Brexit is Bonkers’ and wore yellow baseball caps and blue T-shirts.

Many of Bremain in Spain’s members and supporters have begun posting their own photographs of the day’s march on social media, which show a wealth of imagination among remainers. The most-liked so far reads: “My mother-in-law lives in Spain. Please don’t make them send her back here!”, while other popular banners read: “Even Baldrick had a plan;” “Jacob’s Crackers,” in the style of the popular water biscuits and referring to Tory hard-line Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg; “Ikea has better cabinets;” “Nice one, Dave,” referring to British prime minister David Cameron who held the referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU; “June 24, 2016: Worst hangover ever,” referring to the day after the referendum; “This is the worst trade negotiation since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” and even, “This is like when Geri overestimated her viability as a solo artist and left the Spice Girls;” although the latter may not be the best analogy, given that Geri Halliwell had two number one singles and two best-selling albums within as many years of leaving the band.

A mother and daughter walked side by side carrying blue banners with the EU sign of a ring of yellow stars, the mother’s reading: “Pulling out doesn’t work,” and the daughter’s, with an arrow pointing to her mother, reading: “My mum.”

A counter-protest by the pro-Brexit association Leave Means Leave attracted just 1,200 marchers, whilst the People’s Vote march filled the streets wall-to-wall from Marble Arch to the British Parliament building.




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