On Feb 10th Bremain in Spain and Best for Britain held their first joint event in Elche, near Alicante. Nearly fifty Bremainers joined our Chair Sue Wilson, Best for Britain’s Kyle Taylor and members of Bremain council. We were delighted that Debbie Williams from Brexpats – Hear our Voice was able to attend. Many Bremainers were meeting for the first time, despite working together for many months.

Refreshments were served in the garden of the hotel before Sue welcomed everyone and Kyle started the workshop – How to fight Brexit – Practical Campaign Training. There were group exercises, meaningful discussion and a real sense of determination to fight to stop Brexit.


Following the workshop we had a question and answer session where we were able to update members that Bremain in Spain is now a registered association. Kyle also offered practical advice to those who wanted further clarity. Debbie updated everyone on the court case which has just been referred to the ECJ. Their argument is basically ‘Once an EU citizen, Always an EU citizen’ and they hope that the case will be expedited within the next two months.

Lunch was served after the workshop and many commented on how reinvigorated they felt to fight to stop Brexit. Similar style workshops will be rolled out throughout Bremain regional groups in the coming months.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and many commented on their renewed invigoration to fight Brexit. Debbie Williams sums up her feelings about the training session as follows: “Since the enlightening event organised by Bremain in Spain, I am now calmer and more confident in my dealings with Brexit-related discussions, I feel empowered and have actually also realised that I (along with all the other delegates, I’m sure) know far more about the politics of Brexit than most politicians. Thank you for organising the event and inviting me. Bravo! – to all concerned.”

Bremain member Alison Curtis adds: “It was truly worth the 5-hour drive each way, and we gained enormously: Good strategies, insight, motivation, ideas and above all enjoyment from being with such nice and like-minded folk. Thanks to Kyle for his experience and presentation, and the Bremain Council for the excellent organising”. Below are a selection of photos from the day.