Remoaner: Telling Our Story Ep. 6 (Sue Wilson)

Remoaner: Telling Our Story Ep. 6 (Sue Wilson)

As part of James Dart’s Remoaner Podcast series, I was invited to be interviewed about Brexit & Bremain. The questions included:

  • Who is Sue Wilson?
  • What was your immediate reaction to the Brexit referendum result?
  • Why did you get involved with campaigning?
  • When & why was Bremain in Spain set up?
  • What makes you so passionate about the European Union?

For the answers to these questions and more, please watch the podcast. Sue Wilson, Chair.

Here’s a short video preview:

The full podcast can be heard on Spotify:

#Living The Dream, Expat Life Stripped Bare

#Living The Dream, Expat Life Stripped Bare

Sue Wilson , Chair of Bremain, is part of an anthology called ‘#LivingtheDream Expat Life Stripped Bare’, which features ten women who share their personal and powerful stories of the emotional and practical realities of living away from ‘home’ or their place of birth. Sue is one of the 4 women in the book based in Spain. Here’s the interview Sue gave to Talk Radio Europe recently. 

La Madre de Todos los Podcasts

La Madre de Todos los Podcasts

Episode 1 – The key events and the chronology of Brexit. 

Our Chair, Sue Wilson, was interviewed recently for the first in a series of podcasts. Topics covered included:

Bremain’s Brexit journey

The causes and effects of the Referendum

Where we stand now and what the future holds.

You can listen to the interview here, from 71 minutes in.


¿Qué? podcast, S03E12: The effects of the UK general election, and Spain’s dwindling bars

This week on the final episode of our ¿Qué? podcast for the year, we talk to Britons in Spain about how their lives will be affected by the reelection of the Conservative Party at the recent polls, and discuss what Spanish villages are doing to ensure their local bar stays open

¿Qué? is a podcast that tries to explain to an English-speaking audience the curious, the under-reported and sometimes simply bizarre news stories that are often in the headlines in Spain.

Go to the podcast here

¿Qué? podcast, episode two: What Brexit means for Brits in Spain

¿Qué? podcast, episode two: What Brexit means for Brits in Spain

So the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. But is it really? Will there be a second referendum? Will it crash out with no deal?

It seems that no one has the answers to those questions right now, something that’s leaving a lot of British residents in Spain, and Spanish residents in the UK, feeling very unsure about their futures.

In this second episode of our new podcast, ¿Qué?, the editor of the EL PAÍS English Edition, Simon Hunter, and his colleague, Melissa Kitson, discuss what Brexit might mean for British and Spanish migrants living in each other’s respective countries, in particular in the light of recent news that Madrid and London have reached a deal over voting rights in future municipal elections.

Full article in El Pais