On Wednesday 27 November, the British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, hosted an information event for British citizens in Valencia at the Casino de Agricultura. Also attending were the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, and other Embassy staff.

I had been invited to attend the event on behalf of Bremain in Spain, along with Debbie Williams of Brexpats – Hear Our Voice and Molly Williams of Young European Voices.



Hugh and Sarah-Jane Morris
Hugh and Molly Williams

Prior to the evening event, we were also invited to lunch with the Ambassador, along with representatives of local charities who support British residents in the Valencian Community. The lunch was a 5-course affair, with a main course of a typical Valencian paella.

At the evening event, the Ambassador and his staff spoke about the importance of Brits making sure that all their paperwork is in order as well as the implications of Brexit and the forthcoming election for our situation here in Spain. The Embassy is extremely well-informed and keen to help and support the local British community in whatever way it can.

Debbie Williams and Sue Wilson
Paella Valenciana

The audience was invited to ask questions and offered the opportunity to speak to any one of us individually afterwards. Topics covered included healthcare, applying for residency, Spanish driving licences, aggregation of benefits, recognition of qualifications, dual nationality and much more.

For further information on these, or any other topics relating to living in Spain, you will find a wealth of information in the Embassy Living in Spain guide. You can also sign up for updates and be notified whenever anything changes.

We will continue to work with the Embassy to ensure that you are kept informed and that our issues are brought to their attention. Please make sure that your own paperwork is in order and encourage friends, neighbours and colleagues to do the same – thanks!

Sue Wilson, Chair Bremain in Spain

Sue and Hugh
Hugh and the Paella Valenciana