Michel Barnier has claimed:

“If Brexit negotiations fail it will make it harder to travel with pets
from the UK to the EU.”

Bremain Pets
BBC Reality Check verdict:

“If there is no deal then it will indeed be harder to take pets to the EU. The pet passport scheme includes countries that are not EU members, but a deal would need to be done. At the moment you can take your pet;  dog, cat, or indeed ferret, from the UK to the EU and back again without quarantine provided that certain conditions are met, such as having a pet passport and your pet being microchipped.


Pet passports are issued by EU countries and a short list of other countries such as Greenland, Iceland and Switzerland. The UK could be added to this list, but clearly agreements would be needed to make that happen – it would not be automatic.”

The Government, in response, has pledged that the ‘Passport for Pets’ will be preserved after Britain leaves the EU. Michael Gove’s Environment Department has reassured animal-lovers that there would be no return to the quarantine restrictions.

The UK Government has no authority to say that the Pet Passport will be preserved for travel between the UK and EU countries, particularly in the event of a no deal scenario!

Bremain Pets

BREMAIN IN SPAIN members know that the only way of protecting their much-loved pets is to #StopBrexit.  Below you will find a gallery compiled from a selection of our members’ pets – many of whom have been rescued after being abandoned, or re-homed from an animal sanctuary. These wonderful creatures are their family members and companions. They deserve better!


‘Thank you to our members for sharing pictures of your pet chums with us.

It emboldens us further fighting for them to



We make no apology for the sheer number of Bremain Pets on this page.

They are real pets, with real families and need their rights protected just like their owners.

The only answer is to #StopBrexit!

Bremain Pets