You may already have heard of the Joint Nationality Campaign to persuade Spain to offer joint nationality to current UK residents in Spain. The campaign was launched in July 2016 by two British writers in Madrid, Giles Tremlett and William Chislett and already they have 21,000 signatures on

Bremain in Spain is pleased to be able to support this campaign as it moves into the next phase. A draft joint nationality law will be presented to the Spanish government in the coming months.

If there is no response, the campaign intends to take the issue to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, asking it to decide whether Spain has an enforceable obligation to offer joint nationality.

The campaign is therefore also seeking people who have applied for Spanish nationality, or obtained it recently, who would be prepared to join an eventual legal challenge (at no cost) should this become necessary. Those wishing to be kept up to date, or wanting to know more about how they might join the legal challenge can contact Giles Tremlett at

We wish Giles and William every success with the next phase of the campaign and hope that you will join us in supporting them.