In February, we were thrilled that Best for Britain sent Kyle Taylor to host a joint Barnstorm event in Alicante, attended by around fifty members of Bremain in Spain. To date, we have held Bremain Barnstorms in Girona, Torrox, La Herradura and La Linea.

‘What’s a Barnstorm?’ let me tell you – it’s an event where we talk you through practical steps to fight Brexit and the actions you can take.

One of the fundamentals of the Barnstorm is to understand the issues that affect us and to share those with others. We all have our own reasons to fight Brexit, some will be the same and some totally different. We do an exercise called ‘ It matters to me …..’ where, in a short statement, you describe why fighting  Brexit is important to you and on Saturday, April 28, Bremain in Spain members were invited to submit their own statements which we’re happy to share with you below:


“It matters to me because I am European. I live in Europe, I work in Europe, I’ll retire in Europe. I want to keep that freedom and I want others to benefit from it too.”


“It matters to me because I am European. Freedom of Movement allowed us and our pets to move to Spain 17 years ago. It allows us to work, live and love anywhere in the EU. We love it here in Spain.”



“It matters to me because my human rights are being removed against my wishes.”

“It matters to me because I AM EUROPEAN. My parents were European immigrants. I was born in the UK, but I have loved having my EU citizenship, giving us all the freedom to travel, work and live within Europe, as I do now.”


“It matters to me because I am European, I live in Spain and have French family as well as grandchildren in UK. I would like all my family to be able to live and work in Europe and have the opportunities I have had.”


“It matters to me because I have a daughter born in Spain, I have lived here with my Swiss partner 11 years and built a life for myself. No-one should have the right to take that away, including governments!”

“It matters to me because I’ve lived, worked and studied in peace and happiness in various EU countries and only by remaining full EU members can those same freedoms and privileges be preserved for my children and grandchildren.”

“It matters to me because….it matters to so many of YOU…believe me we at Bremain in Spain will continue with all we can to #StopBrexit…… and I know I speak for all my colleagues/friends here.”


“It matters to me because …