Bremain in Spain is a voluntary organisation that is campaigning to #StopBrexit, and to protect the rights of UK citizens in Spain, and across the EU.

The Bremain team is led by the Bremain Council and a dedicated team of volunteers, with a broad range of skills. As we grow, so does the need for a more defined structure, and the demand for volunteers is ever-increasing. We are currently putting together two new teams and are looking for new recruits to help us. Whether you can only spare a few minutes, or are willing to offer a few hours, please consider joining our band of volunteers. We have outlined a few specific roles that we need to fill, but there are opportunities for anyone interested to help, whether you fit one of the “job descriptions” or not. If you are interested in a specific role, or in helping out on a more adhoc basis, please email us at with your details.

We look forward to expanding our volunteer team, and to keeping up the fight against Brexit – together we are stronger.

Thank you to all our existing volunteers for their tireless help and support, and we hope to welcome many more!

Sue Wilson Chair

FB Page Manager

Approx 1 hour pd

To manage the FB Bremain in Spain Page, maximise exposure and look for opportunities to promote and advance Bremain’s goals and objectives. Role will be supported by Council members, Admins and other appropriate members and coordinators.

  • Posts – ensure balance of posts (shares and unique content) to maintain interest
  • Liaise with other Bremain Coordinators
  • Monitor page ‘Insights’ to identify most effective posts and other trends
  • Contribute to general FB page guidelines (to be developed)
  • Promote page and/or posts to public and closed groups – build relationships with other groups to promote the page and increase ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’
  • Encourage participation and comments on page timeline
  • Answer messages to the page, or pass to appropriate person
  • FB ads (paid advertising)

Petitions Coordinator

Approx 1-2 hours pw

To research and evaluate all pro Remain petitions and promote them widely.

  • Research new petitions online and evaluate if appropriate to Bremain
  • Collate information – Title, Description, Link and Deadline
  • Liaise with Web team and promote to FB Page, Group & Twitter
  • Monitor and delete when completed


Campaigns Coordinator

Approx 3-4 hours pw

Promote any Bremain in Spain campaigns and that of pro Remain groups

  • Liaise with any Bremain campaign organisers and promote all Bremain campaigns
  • Research new campaigns online from pro-EU groups, pages, organisations, etc
  • Collate information – Title, Description, Link and Timescale
  • Evaluate whether additional Bremain support might be required.
  • Liaise with web team and promote to FB Page, Group & Twitter
  • Monitor and delete completed


 Web Development, Graphics Assistants & Writers
Different Roles

On Demand

WebsiteBasic experience of WordPress required

  • To assist with website updates and creation of specific posts and publishing on site.


  • To create images/graphics for use by Bremain website, Newsletter and social media.


  • Photographic enhancement/manipulation of photos, as required, received from members to maintain quality for website and social media.


  • Regular contributions for use on website and Newsletter



3-4 hours pw


  • Tweet daily on behalf of Bremain
  • Tweet news stories posted on FB page or group
  • Check for duplicates before tweeting
  • Retweet from other pro EU/anti Brexit sources

Lobby Group Coordinator

Approx 1-2 hours pw

To oversee all Lobby Group activities and liaise with other coordinators and Council

  • Support Lobby Group with up to date info re MP, Peers and MEP contact details.
  • Liaise with Petitions, Events and Campaigns Coordinators and Council re lobbying opportunities
  • Motivate team to promote specific campaigns
  • Liaise with holders of HoL and HoC spreadsheets


Regional Group Coordinators – 8 Positions

Approx 2-3 hours  pw

To further the reach of Bremain in Spain Regional Groups, coordination and management of the development of these groups.

  • Must be resident in the region of the group for which you would have responsibility.
  • Check people’s eligibility to join the group.
  • Motivate and initiate discussions within the group
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to support and encourage group members wanting to arrange meetings.
  • Ensure that the rules of the Facebook group are being followed.


Press Team Assistants

On Demand

To maximise Press coverage for Bremain in Spain activities and campaigns.


  • A flexible role, responding to ongoing needs.
  • Source participants for Press demands for interviews and case studies.
  • Research/verify content online that can be used in our press documents.


  • Convert Bremain press releases into Spanish on an ad hoc basis.
  • Monitor Spanish Press and media for Brexit related articles, translate and summarise in English.

Press Office Assistant:

  • Uploading and captioning images (training will be provided), data formatting our target media lists (Excel) etc.

Membership Secretary

Approx 2-3 hours pw

To ensure communication with new and potential members is applied consistently. Data analyst experience useful.


  • Administer & monitor new members
  • Tag on NationBuilder
  • Email and welcome new members
  • Coordinate with Newsletter Coordinator re subscribers

We are a flexible, equal opportunities Volunteer group provider and will consider requests for jobshare and part time volunteering to ease workload.