Following a hugely successful campaign running training events across the UK, Best for Britain are bringing their show on the road to Spain. They will be jointly hosting an exclusive campaign event with Bremain in Spain for our group members and their guests.


Saturday 10th February at 11am – 2:30pm



Best for Britain will be sharing their strategy with us, training you in practical campaigning, discussing how to be more persuasive when talking to Leave voters and giving you the tools to fight Brexit which you can teach to others.

These events are about practical steps you can take to make a difference. They are hands on, interactive sessions driven by two key principles:

1. We must get out of the echo chamber and persuasively talk about a No Brexit option to expand our supporter base
2. Our efforts have to go from mass rallies to direct action, to build the base and apply constant pressure to MPs to sustain change.

Following the training session, there will be a Q and A session with the Best for Britain trainer and Bremain in Spain Council members, including our Chair Sue Wilson.

This event is only open to Bremain in Spain members. If you would like to join Bremain in Spain and get more detailed information about the event, please click on the link below and ask to join.We look forward to seeing you there!