“Many people throughout the UK and Europe will be commemorating June 23 in their own way. For us, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that we’re not playing golf, bowls or bridge, or whiling away hours in English bars festooned with Union Jacks. Instead, we’ll be celebrating with the Spanish, as we do every year, and enjoying being treated like family by our wonderful neighbours. I only hope that EU citizens in the UK have as much love and support surrounding them.”


Below you can view a selection of our members photos of the San Juan fiestas from North to South of Spain. Enlarge a photo and follow the gallery by using the arrows back and forth.

Bremain in Spain San Juan celebrations feature in El Pais

This year San Juan has taken on a new meaning for the British community in Spain. Today is the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, a referendum held in the United Kingdom to decide whether the country should leave the European Union.

Much to the dismay of many of those Britons currently living in Europe, the “yes” vote won, and since then expatriate groups have sprung up across Spain in a bid to campaign against Brexit and to fight for the rights of Britons in their adopted country once the UK leaves the EU ………

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