Here you will find a list of events and actions you can get involved with this month by clicking on the links provided. It will be updated monthly and is always included in Bremain´s monthly newsletter. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so here.

The Independent – ONLINE EVENT

6 October 18.30 – 19-30 BST

Brexit: Exploring the hidden costs

Speakers include John Rentoul, Emily Carver and Anna Isaac

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Electoral Reform Society – PETITION

The Government’s expensive plans could lock millions of people – who don’t currently possess photo ID – out of the polling stations. This is a solution to a problem that does not exist (voter fraud).

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Unlock Democracy – Elections Bill Action Centre

The Elections Bill will make it harder to vote, stifle our independent election watchdog, and gag charities.

You can help by taking the following actions:

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Write to your MP
Write to your local paper


March for Change – PETITION

3 out of 5 people want a public inquiry into the Government’s handling of Covid before the next general election but the Government has been stalling. The lack of strategy has cost thousands of lives and the public deserve answers.

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Best for Britain – PETITION

We call on the Government to recognise that food poverty is not fair trade. Supply chain issues, staff shortages and increased paperwork are causing food prices to skyrocket. Brexit, inflation and the Universal Credit cut are squeezing the budgets of ordinary families, pushing them deeper into food insecurity.

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Every Doctor – PETITION

The NHS is in a state of emergency and it’s the Minister for Health and Social Care who is responsible.

Instead of proposing practical solutions, unfounded attacks have been directed at NHS staff. The longer the delay, the more precarious the situation becomes. Call on Javid to share his plan.

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Make Votes Matter – WRITE to your MP + PETITION

Help stop Government attacks on our democracy, with less ‘first past the post’, not more. Tell the Government not to impose FPTP for mayoral and police and crime commissioner elections

Use the Write to them tool to contact your MP
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Compass – PLEDGE

The Labour Party failed to support Proportional Representation at their party conference, against the wishes of the majority of their members. Join the pledge to work with every progressive party and citizen to build support for PR.

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