Lest we forget what he said…

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living in Spain, comments on Nigel Farage’s suggestion re holding a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

She says: “When I first read Nigel Farage’s comments last week regarding a second referendum, I thought there was a mistake. When it became clear that he really was advocating giving the British public another bite at the apple, I couldn’t help being suspicious of his motives. Could Farage really believe the Leave camp would win if we re-ran the referendum or was this just another publicity stunt? When Aaron Banks then reiterated Farage’s call, I wondered about their intentions. Are they really so confident about the outcome, despite the swing towards Remain in many recent polls?”

She continues: “It seems that Farage’s suggestion is for another in/out referendum – not something I would personally advocate. However, I support the idea of another referendum once the outline of a deal is known. Or, as Vince Cable describes it, a referendum on the facts.”

“One thing that may have surprised Farage, despite some backpedalling on his part, was the wholehearted support for a second referendum from Remain supporters, such as Lord Adonis and Nick Clegg. This led to a flurry of activity on social media. While the Remain movement’s attitude was ‘bring it on’, the Leavers, by comparison, were remarkably silent on the subject.”

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