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In support of ‘opt-in’ EU Associate Membership for UK nationals post-Brexit

Addressed to: Guy Verhofstadt, European Parliament Chief Negotiator for Brexit
Target: 3,000






Permanent European Union Citizenship

Noting the ECJ’s view of Union citizenship as a ‘fundamental status’ of nationals of Member States, and that Brexit will strip millions of EU citizens of this status and their vote in European elections, requests the Commission propose means to avoid risk of collective loss of EU citizenship and rights, and assure all EU citizens that, once attained, such status is permanent and their rights acquired.

Expires 19th July 2019



Stop Brexit if parliament rejects the deal

Brexit is not worth it. A hard border in Ireland will destroy the Good Friday Agreement, meds are being stockpiled and there’s news that a contract has been given to a company with no ferries, and the army is on standby in the event of no-deal too. Stop Brexit if MPs vote to reject the PM’s deal.

Expires 2nd July 2019



Commons to vote on the question “Brexit is in the UK’s best interest”

Despite the importance of this topic, there has never been a debate in the House of Commons specifically on this question. Parliament’s first duty is to always act in what it considers to be the UK’s best interest. Hence, that consideration needs to be made and should dictate action.

Expires 15th April 2019




Protect our Freedom of Movement Rights

As EU Citizens, UK citizens currently have Freedom of Movement to work in 28 Countries of the EU & also in 3 EEA countries. We do not want to lose these rights.

Expires 9th April 2019



Question Cameron’s decision to impose fundamental constitutional change

This nation is a representative democracy or at least it used to be. Then in 2016 David Cameron imposed a regime favoured by dictators and demagogues: decision by dint of a misinformed public–a referendum. An inquiry is needed to find out why he decided to impose fundamental constitutional change.

Expires 2nd April 2019



Stop Brexit if supplies of vital medication can’t be guaranteed

The Chair of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, said officials must ensure drugs don’t run out if there’s no Brexit deal. The Government is stockpiling medicines. This is not acceptable. Patients with long-term conditions need medication immediately or they could die.


Expires 19th March 2019




It’s so desperately simple. The Government’s standard response to these kinds of petitions is “The British people voted to leave the EU and the government respect that decision”. BUT, the government themselves DO NOT KNOW the outcome of that decision, so how can they possibly respect it???

Expires 10th Feb 2019



Declare the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU null and void.

Under section 3.3 (e) of the CODE OF GOOD PRACTICE ON REFERENDUMS the UK government should declare the result of the 2016 referendum null and void because of the decision by the Electoral Commission that rules on spending were broken and referral to the police has been made.

Expires 9th Feb 2019



Keep us in the Euraton

Euratom regulates our nuclear power stations, radioisotopes and therapies vital for cancer care, and the movement of nuclear waste around the whole of Europe.  It is critically important the UK remains in Euratom for our NHS, as our membership has meant that cancer patients in the UK have been able to receive vital radiotherapy treatments without supply-related disruptions and uncertainties. With the Nuclear Safeguards Bill going through Parliament at the moment, it is crucial we make this case.





ADD MY NAME – WE WANT TO Cancel Brexit and Stay In Fully. Then fix our own problems.
We believe that Brexit is the biggest mistake this country could possibly make. There are so many reasons:





Ask the Government to Release the Brexit Impact Studies

We believe that the Government should acknowledge that, given the significance of the decision to leave the European Union, the public have a democratic right to be informed as to the anticipated impact of the decision on our economy and country’s future.
UPDATE 03/09/17: Molly Scott Cato MEP has made a Freedom of Information request seeking details on studies conducted into the impact of Brexit on the NHS. With over 10,000 people signing this campaign in less than four days, it’s essential that we keep up the pressure on the Government and continue to gather support.


The UK is being ‘governed’ towards leaving the European Union after a referendum in 2016 which did not provide good quality and honest information to voters. Those in Government and their opposition in the UK Parliament are letting divisions within their own parties, and party-politics in general, get in the way of MPs honestly stating their informed views on Brexit.
Directed to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
Theresa May MP, Ruth Davidson MSP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Vince Cable MP, Ken Clarke MP, Nicola Sturgeon MSP


To our European friends. This is not our brexit (#notourbrexit)
The brexit government claims to speak for all of Britain. They claim we are uniting behind brexit. They claim that the EU referendum result was a choice to leave the Single Market. Everyone in Britain knows these are lies.
Directed to Council of the European Union, European Commission,The People of Europe


Think again and Halt Brexit Now
We call for a national debate on Brexit – including in that debate how to build a better, fairer, more equal UK. We ask our fellow citizens, and our politicians, to think again. It is time to call a halt to Brexit.
Addressed to UK government and politicians across the UK


UK Government – listen to Remain voters during the Brexit Negotiations
We, the signatories to this petition, are citizens of the United Kingdom who voted to Remain in the European Union in the Referendum of June 23rd, 2016, as well as both British and E.U. citizens who were disenfranchised in that referendum.
We want you to acknowledge our existence, take us into account, consult with us and get the Brexit negotiating team led by David Davis to address our concerns during the Brexit negotiations.
Addressed to Theresa May MP


I want an exit from Brexit
It will soon become clear that the government cannot deliver the painless Brexit it has promised.
That’s why we believe you must have the chance to have your say on the final Brexit deal and the option to stay in Europe if you don’t like it.


Do not throw away our human rights
The government’s planning to remove the safety net that protects our human rights. We could be about to lose the laws that guarantee our right to privacy, stop unfair dismissal and give us the right to live in dignity when we’re old.
Addressed to Theresa May and David Davis


Article 50 – Not in my name
48 And Beyond
Theresa May has called for the ‘people of the UK’ to unite and support Brexit, stating that “Britain will get a good deal”. We disagree, there is no deal you can negotiate that can replace what we currently have, because we already have the best deal.
Addressed to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May MP, UK Parliament, UK Government


France’s new President and Germany’s finance minister have confirmed that the UK can change its mind on Brexit. Up til now, no one’s been sure if it’s legally possible to cancel Article 50. Now we know we have a way out of this nightmare!!
Addressed to Prime Minister Theresa May and all Ministers


Europeans’ #RightToStay
European citizens in Britain, you have a right to stay. We demand the UK government GUARANTEE that you can stay.


My vote for Labour was NOT a vote for Brexit
Addressed to Leader of Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP


EU Parliament: The EU Stipulates that any Deal Offered Requires a Referendum to Ratify it.
Addressed to Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament


I am a British EU Citizen. I want an EU ID card too.
The UK government has proposed “EU citizens” should get an EU ID card in the UK. As an EU citizen and British citizen this should be my right too.
Addressed to Michel Barnier and David Davis


Stop Brexit Now
Addressed to Parliament


The European Parliament wants you to have the chance to retain your citizenship rights. But our Government isn’t listening.
Sign this petition so we can tell Theresa May what we think.
A petition by Good Law Project


Brexit: Guarantee the rights of all EU & UK migrants now
Addressed to Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament



Keeping our EU citizenship post-Brexit
Addressed to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May MP


An Open Letter To The Citizens Of Spain
Opened: 11 February 2017
(Addressed to European Union)


For the respect of the rights of English expatriates in Spain after the Brexit
Opened: 12 February 2017
(Addressed to Government of Spain and Mariano Rajoy)

European Democracy