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Great piece from @CarolineLucas

PMs address on Friday was a masterclass in gaslighting & made a new art form of rank hypocrisy - A speech of breathtaking hypocrisy. But worse than that, it was dangerous - He poured more petrol on the flames

Bremain council & members have been on every march since the Brexit referendum

Any ‘mob’ rule we ever encountered was from angry aggressive pro-Brexiters or the far-right - like the mob who who were incited by Suella Braverman last year to disgrace Remembrance at the cenotaph

How systematic and how crucial was Russian meddling when it came to Brexit? So many hints and leads out there, not least all the valuable work @carolecadwalla @CatherineBelton and @tomburgis did, but overall still the biggest untold story of those years.

Because we are British citizens. Because decisions made by the government affect our lives, like Brexit!
Because we have family & friends living with Tory repercussions.
Because we pay UK taxes &/or have a UK income/pension.
Because we care about the country that made us.

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