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Support for electoral reform is strong at the #LiberalDemocratConference.
a substantial segment of the opening rally dedicated to the need for electoral reform... calling for proportional representation that went down well in the hall.

We agree, we are just lost for words to describe the #ToryInhumanParty, how can they impart more suffering on the vunerable

Thank you to everyone who complained, and thank you Sue Barnard for going on! They got you on air, then answered NONE of your questions lol @BBCNews

We WILL put #RejoinEU on the agenda!

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I’m becoming less and less conservative the older I get. They are a shadow of their former selves. A disgrace. I loathe what they have done to this country with every fibre of my being. “Good Chaps?” Like hell they are. I hope they are obliterated next year.

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