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Tactical Voting also known as Strategic Voting, occurs in elections with more than two candidates, when a voter supports another candidate more strongly than his or her sincere preference, in order to prevent an undesirable outcome. In other words when it is necessary to go against lifelong beliefs and allegiances and vote for a candidate who supports your views on a particular subject, in this case Remain.  However, in some instances it could be necessary to vote for a candidate when they are pro-Remain and pro-EU, whereas the candidate of your preferred party could be pro-Brexit.

This graphic from The Guardian exemplifies the impact that Tactical Voting can have. 

Tactical Voting

Tactical voting will help to secure as many pro-remain MPs in Parliament as possible in order to stop Boris Johnson in his tracks and halt his progress towards a hard Brexit. With tactical voting, it is pointless to vote for your preferred candidate whose principles you believe in if they came 3rd or 4th in the 2017 election with a small number of votes and do not have any chance of winning the seat in your constituency.

Vote Tactically
Best for Britain

Get Voting #WorkTogether – A tactical voting site by bestforbritain.org
Use your vote tactically for the pro-European candidate in your area with the best chance of winning. We can only stop Brexit if we get pro-European MPs elected. And that means getting informed, and voting tactically.

If you want to go directly to the Get Voting #WorkTogether Tactical Voting site you can find it HERE

Represent Us have just launched the Vote Smart 2019 website and this is what they have to say ‘VoteSmart 2019 is all about taking different tactical voting messages to a wider range of people – people who are open to voting tactically, but who may not know much about it. Some potential tactical voters may not be interested in Brexit, but they might be willing to vote tactically for different reasons. We need to reach these people and speak their language.’ 

Vote Smart 2019


Jon Worth
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The stakes could not be higher.

It is vital your voice is heard and your vote counts.

Our campaign will provide clear and independent advice on how best to use your vote to secure a People’s Vote on Brexit.



Remain United launched their tactical voting tool on 10 Nov. They are ‘Fighting to Remain United as a people, as a country and as a union.’ They intend to provide ‘Smart, data-driven unbiased recommendations’. You can go directly to their site by clicking here

Don't Split The Remain Vote

Don’t Split The Remain Vote

This site compares all of the other tactical voting sites. Here’s what they have to say:

‘We need to work together to win the election. In 2015, most people voted for someone who didn’t become their MP. Which remain party should I vote for We’ll show you the data you need to make the decision. Enter a postcode or click on a region to see our analysis of the possible election outcomes in the 2019 / 2020 General Election.’ 

Enter a postcode or click on a region to see their analysis of the possible election outcomes in the 2019 / 2020 General Election.


If you’re still confused or want to read more about tactical voting, Jon Worth, a commentator on EU politics, has published his analysis of tactical voting in this General Election –  click here to read it. . His blog is regularly updated so worth checking back on or you can keep up to date with him on Twitter @jonworth.

Jon Worth

Campaigners for a Final Say referendum have released a list of 25 key general election seats where tactical voting could block a Conservative majority and pave the way for Brexit to be put back to the people. You can read the article in The Independent here. 

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