Welcome to our 6th Briefing. Please scroll down to the end to read all the “snippets” we have chosen for you this week.  To read the whole story click on the link.  
Why every vote counts this election What unites Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour with grime artist JME and yours truly? It certainly isn’t musical talent. We, alongside almost every political party plus social media networks like Snapchat and Facebook, all urged any of you that had not registered to vote to do so – which, remarkably, put us at odds with our Government. (Stefano Hatfield iNews 28 May)

Battle for Number 10: Theresa May heckled as she defends ‘devastating’ cuts from Conservatives in TV showdown Theresa May launched a staunch defence of the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledges after she was ambushed by a police officer about “devastating” cuts to services on live TV. The Prime Minister also said she was “optimistic” about the upcoming Brexit negotiations and that she would walk away from the table if the deal was not right for Britain. She was jeered and heckled by audience members as she took questions from the public and Jeremy Paxman during a televised interview on Monday. (Johathan Mitchell Evening Standard 29 May)

Theresa May’s TV performance showed how her position has weakened The audience’s open laughter proved that the Tory manifesto has damaged the PM in the public’s eyes…..There was no instant poll of who won so you’ll have to settle for my impression, which was that Corbyn had the better of the exchanges. (Stephen Bush New Statesman 30 May)

EXCL Brussels prepared to postpone start of Brexit talks if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister Brussels is prepared to postpone the start of the Brexit negotiations if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister and needs more time to prepare for the historic event, PoliticsHome can reveal.  Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator in the crunch talks, said last week that he hoped they would begin on 19 June……a European Commission source has admitted they would be prepared to allow a further postponement to the talks if the new government requests one. (Emilio Casalicchio Politics Home 31 May)

Tory candidate in Jo Cox’s former seat says sorry for saying ‘we’ve not yet shot anybody’  A Conservative candidate currently contesting murdered MP Jo Cox’s former seat has apologised for ‘appalling’ comments. Ann Myatt blamed a ‘tiring day’ for telling a hustings: ‘We’ve not yet shot anybody so that’s wonderful,’ in the constituency where the Labour MP and mum-of-two was murdered by a right-wing extremist. (Nicole Morley for Metro.co.uk 30 May)

Corbyn vows to meet Merkel ‘straight away’ if he becomes PM Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to fly to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel “straight away” to negotiate Brexit if he wins the General Election. The Labour leader was asked by Sky News how he would deal with Brexit negotiations if he becomes Prime Minister next Friday, and what he would say to Mrs Merkel in particular. “Ich bin ein Corbyn” joked the Labour leader in reply at his Brexit speech in Basildon in Essex. ( Faisal Islam Political Editor Sky News 1 June)

What’s gone wrong with the Conservative campaign? Theresa May’s weaknesses and a lack of popular policies have driven the Tories backwards. Theresa May called the general election in more favourable circumstances than any prime minister since 1945. The Conservatives had a 19-point poll lead.  Labour appeared the weakest opposition for decades. And Brexit had gifted May a project to unite a fragmented right. Many anticipated a remorseless march to victory. But the election has not proceeded as the Tories intended. (George Eaton New Statesman 1 June) 


Whatever happened to the Brexit election? The shameful pact of silence between the Tories and Labour regarding the biggest issue facing the country. Brexit, warned Theresa May this week, was “the one, fundamental, defining issue” that voters should focus on when they head to the polling stations next Thursday. She’s right, of course, but it’s hard to think of a more insincere statement coming from the mouth of this Prime Minister. (Nick Clegg New European 2 June)



Tories believe momentum is swinging back their way (honestly) Conservative campaign HQ wants to move the conversation back to Brexit and leadership, where they believe they have the edge. They may be wrong, complacent or just out of touch, but among the most senior ranks at Conservative campaign headquarters they believe the U.K. general election is about to get boring again. (Tom McTague Politico 2 June updated 3 June)


UK General Election polls: Two thirds of 18 to 24 year olds plan to back Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, poll suggests Two thirds of youngsters who are certain to vote in the General Election plan to back Labour, according to a new poll. The ICM survey found 68 per cent of aged 18 to 24 year olds who are registered and say they are “certain” to vote plan to support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. Sixteen per cent said they would vote for the Conservatives, while 8 per cent said they would go for the Lib Dems. (Hatty Collier Evening Standard 3 June)