Pro-EU Groups

Britain for Europe

Britain for Europe

A cross party campaign committed to keeping the UK in the EU.

Facebook – Britain4Europe

Selected Member Groups of Britain for Europe


Bristol for Europe

A cross party, collaborative and pro-EU pressure group.

Facebook – BristolForEurope


EU in Brum

Public network for positive people who believe in remaining – and want to do something about it.

Facebook – EuinBrum


Sixteen Million Rising

UK’s first grass roots pro-European radio show.

Facebook – 16MillionRising


Scientists for EU

Fighting for UK science and its relationship with the EU.

Facebook – ScientistsforEU


Surrey for Europe

Cross party alliance formed to campaign for Britain’s continued role in Europe.

Facebook – SurreyforEurope


Brex-IN – Facebook

Gibraltar based Remain group for anyone wanting to help promote a 2nd referendum or avoid the triggering of Article 50.


Vote for Europe

Non party pressure group dedicated to endorsing one pro-European in every seat.

Facebook – Vote for Europe


Oxford for Europe

In the aftermath of Brexit, we Stand Together. For inclusivity. Against division. With Europe.

Facebook – Oxfordstays


Italians for Europe

Italians for Europe è un gruppo di supporto alla campagna referendaria PRO-UE e contro la Brexit.

Facebook – ItaliansForEurope


Brits in Europe (Germany)

Coalition group of British citizens’ organisations in Europe, working together to represent the thousands of Brits living and working across the continent.



Other Groups


European Movement UK

The European Movement UK is a grass-roots, independent, pro-European organisation, working to give a voice to those who believe that Britain’s future lies side by side with our European partners.

Facebook – europeanmovementUK


The 3 Million

Grass roots organisation by EU citizens for EU citizens.

Facebook – Forum4EUcitizens


Fair Deal for Expats

Non-profit organisation set up to protect the rights of British and EU expats.

Facebook page – FairDealforExpats


The 48% – Facebook

Inspiring discussion and action to keep the UK in the EU.


New Europeans

Civil rights organisation which champions freedom of movement, non-discrimination and the principle of solidarity across Europe.

Facebook – NewEuropeans



Working for a better outcome for all expats living in the EU.

Facebook – Europats



Campaign for the UK to stay in the EU.


Reasons 2 Remain

Supporting the case for Britain’s membership of the EU and to report the impact of the Brexit vote.

Facebook – Reasons2Remain


Stop Funding Hate – Facebook

Aims to tackle the culture of hate, demonization and division that is poisoning our political discourse.


Worrying Signs

United Against Hate.

Facebook – WorryingSigns


Very Brexit Problems – Facebook

Showcasing the everyday joys of living in Brexit Britain.


Campaign to Remain – Facebook

To inform, motivate and entertain supporters of Britain in the EU.



Fighting for the rights of UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK.

Facebook – Expatrights



For UK/EU Citizens across Europe with concerns about the impact of the referendum on their futures.


Remain in France Together – RIFT

Campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU and for the protection of the rights of UK citizens living in Europe.

Facebook – RemainInFranceTogether


Labour Against Brexit

This group was set up to provide the ‘missing link’ between the ‘48%’ pro-Remain groups and the Labour Party groups, in which there is a division of opinions on this issue.

Facebook – LabourAgainstBrexit


Liberal Democrats – IN Together

List of Groups campaigning to protect the rights of British citizens living throughout the EU, and EU citizens in the UK.