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Happy No Brexit Day Mk iii!

Bremain started the month of November celebrating the fact that we’re still in the EU. We asked our members to take photographs at midnight on October 31st – we wanted to know how they had celebrated our continued membership of the EU, on what should have...

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Our very own #Bremainernow

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.I suppose you could say I’m one of the first millennials being born in 1980 but my background and upbringing was far from progressive or new age, with strong old school working class roots and a service personnel family I...

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Battling Brexit in Barcelona!

On Thursday 3 October, I took the train up to Barcelona to take part in two events organised by Mamen Candela and Amy Holden of Europeans for Catalonia. The first event was an hour-long radio interview, alongside Debbie Williams, Chair of Brexpats-Hear our...

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Brexit and Healthcare in Spain

Financial journalist Paul Burgin has kindly written a piece for Bremain in  Spain, explaining the current healthcare situation in Spain in light of the government announcement this week. The announcement differs for those S1 holders in Spain as Paul...

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