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La Madre de Todos los Podcasts

La Madre de Todos los Podcasts

Episode 1 - The key events and the chronology of Brexit.  Our Chair, Sue Wilson, was interviewed recently for the first in a series of podcasts. Topics covered included: Bremain's Brexit journey The causes and effects of the Referendum Where we stand now and what the...

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UK corruption officially at its worst in modern times

2023’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) shows UK has fallen from 11th cleanest country for corruption in 2021, to 18th in 2022, 20th in 2023 – lowest ranking since records began

Britain. You have a problem

Rishi Sunak attended protest alongside group which has posted conspiracy theories about climate change & campaigns against net zero

The PM has been accused of “pandering to extremists”

Just like many others in the Party then

What a pile of 💩

Oliver Dowden making excuses for Liz Truss who stands there like a nodding dog in this clip, agreeing with all Steve Bannon says

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