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Events 2024

Events 2024

17 July – UK in a Changing EuropeLive on Slido/You Tube – 13.00 – 14.00 BSTExploring the prospects for the European Political Community hosted by the new UK governmentSpeakers: Prof. Anand Menon, Nathalie Tocci, Ilke Toygur, Susi DennisonReserve your place here19 June...

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Events 2022

Events 2022

3rd December - Electoral Reform SocietyIn person/Online event – 10.30 – 14.00 GMTThe members & supporters Conference & AGM takes place in Cardiff but you can also join online. Open to members only, but you can join in advance hereRegister to attend here1st...

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Yesterday's Statement from ELECTORAL REFORM SOCIETY, noting that ALL FIVE significant minor parties have committed by manifesto to replacing Britain's antiquated "1st Past the Post" voting system with PR (as in all EU countries, albeit different methods). notably this includes…

just amazing that people believe what comes out of #Farages mouth, someone please ask him who are members of W.E.F. - (hint Non)

So far as I can tell the people the @conservatives are fielding to the media today are @michaelgove (not standing, doing a runner back to journalism), and (Lord) Michael Howard (can’t vote and ran possibly the second worst Tory election campaign (Sunak 🥇). Barrels. Scraping.

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