Bremain in Spain is supporting the UK in EU Challenge and some Bremain members are involved as claimants in the case, including our very own Chair Sue Wilson.

This is what the case is about:

The Prime Minister’s decision to trigger Article 50 wasn’t in line with the UK’s “constitutional requirements” as fair elections are at the heart of our constitution. The decision is therefore null and void.

In any case, the Prime Minister needs to act on the Electoral Commission’s clear and unambiguous findings that cheating was at the core of the EU Referendum by proposing a second referendum with strictly enforced rules.

Brexit anxieties

You can read more about the case here UK in EU Challenge, follow on Twitter @ukeuchallenge and on the Facebook Page

Jon Danzig from Voices for Europe  and Reasons2Remain has publicised the case too in a piece from Sue:

The legal challenge has made the mainstream Press in the UK, Spain and across Europe too and you can read more here:

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Deutsche Welt in Spanish

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