Local elections will be held within England, with elections to all 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district/borough councils and 17 unitary authorities. We would encourage our members to ensure that their friends and family and all EU citizens in the UK register to vote by April 17. In order to make our voices heard it is vitally important to vote in these Local Elections on 3 May 2018 and it is one way you can help in the fight to stop Brexit. Please go out and vote as you can make a difference

Below you can find some useful links and resources:

Electoral Commission information on the Local Elections and Mayoral Elections including how to register to vote. Click on the link below and then click on the 2 blue squares at the bottom of the page for all necessary information:


If you are not sure which is the local authority you should vote in you can find out on the link below:


For information on how to vote and the different ways of voting plus details of which Councils require ID click on the link below and then on one of the blue boxes at the bottom of the page, depending which is appropriate for you:


Information for students wishing to vote is shown on the link below:


Details of which Boroughs and Councils are holding local elections can be found on the link below.  It is very important that if you live in a Borough/Council where you can vote that you do so as these Local Elections are very important in our fight to stop Brexit:


For information about the timetable for registering to vote and the deadlines for each way of voting etc click on the link below:


To find out where there is a good possibility of electing a pro-remain Borough/Council look at the information on the link below:

Local Council Elections 3 May 2018 Possible Anti-Brexit Control