After taking advice on the best way to contact MPs and put our message across, Bremain in Spain has started a “Wish EU Were Here” Postcard Campaign via our Facebook Group, where you join us and take direct action by writing to your MP using one of our pre-written templates.

A former lobbyist recommended postcards as an eye-catching way gain the attention of MPs and Lords. The rationale is that MPs receive endless letters, while postcards are a more unusual sight in their mailboxes. Postcards are also easy to compose and send. As the theme is “Wish EU Were Here”, we’d ideally like you to send your MP a postcard that pictures the town or city where you live in Spain, using your own photo or one you can download via Google image search.

The templates are listed according to the way your MP voted. If you’re unsure as to how they voted, please click on the link

Creating the text side of your postcard is a simple process. A collection of templates is available on our Facebook Group. After joining the group, all you have to do is download the document of your choice, cut and paste the text and edit it if you wish (keep it polite, please!). Then you can paste the final text into the online postcard ordering service from, or, which can send your personal postcard design directly to your MP, if you enter their postal address as the recipient.

Alternatively, you could send a traditional postcard, which you write and post yourself, or you could print a postcard at home, if you have a suitable printer that can take card.

Feel free to use whichever method you find convenient. Whatever you do, please keep the design you send tasteful, friendly and clean! Please remember that you can make a difference by joining our postcard campaign. Just as the Spanish say “poco a poco”, every small action really does help!