Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking charity, providing free tools, information and advice allowing verification of claims made by politicians and the media.

They do not take sides in any debate or support any political party or campaign. They have been quoted by politicians on all sides and have safeguards in place at every level to ensure complete neutrality.

Factchecks alone are not enough to halt the spread of misinformation. Full Fact push for corrections where necessary, and work with government departments and research institutions to improve the quality and communication of information at source. They also provide a factchecking toolkit to give people the tools they need to make up their own minds.

Full Fact’s pages on Europe enable you to factcheck claims relating to Europe and Brexit, covering areas such as:

The General Election

How the EU Works

The Economy


and much more …………

Full Facts are continually updating their pages with the most recent claims and debates, so you can keep in touch by regularly visiting their pages.