A Bremain in Spain People’s Vote Toolkit 

Following on from the incredible success of the People’s Vote March on Oct 20th 2018, we at Bremain in Spain want to provide you with all the information and tools required to ensure that we keep up the pressure and momentum to secure a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, with the option to Remain.

We need the support of all of our members and to make things easier, we have brought together links to all current and upcoming campaigns and events. You can choose to participate in as many as you would like, but would suggest that you join in all. Please don’t forget to share far and wide with family and friends – just copy and paste the link into your Facebook timeline or share it on Twitter. 

This video below will hopefully motivate you to get writing and clicking! All of the links from the video are listed underneath. 

Best for Britain

Best for Britain –  Demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal – with an option to Remain – by writing to your MP today. 

Demand your vote 

Your voice counts.Tell your MP you want a Final Say on Brexit by leaving a Voicemail.

Final Say App

Write this Wrong – MPs will vote on the final Brexit deal in just a few weeks. It looks like it’ll either be a bad one or no deal at all.

But there’s another option – a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. So we can judge for ourselves whether it’s what we were promised.

They’ll only do it if they feel enough pressure from voters. So take a minute now to email your MP:

Personalise the template email. Even just a sentence on why you want a vote.

Write This Wrong

Include your full address. So your MP knows you live in their area. Be polite…. Your MP is more likely to respond.

Write This Wrong

Letter Storm

Letter Storm 

Friday 09 November


  • Democracy is not a single point in time.
  • We demand a People’s Vote with an option to Remain.

Letter Storm

Write to No 10

Just email the PM and tell her that you want a People’s Vote – simple!

Email the PM

10 Downing Street
Houses of Parliament

Write to any Peer

Beginning of email/letter… Dear Lord/Lady X
End of email/letter… Yours sincerely
Envelope… The (Rt Hon. the) Lord/Baroness X

Address your email to a specific member and send to: contactholmember@parliament.uk

Bulk emails to members are not accepted. If more than six copies of the same email are received, all will be deleted and you can only send six per day.

There is a list of some Peers’ personal email addresses in the Files section of the Bremain Facebook Group.

Write to a Peer


People’s Vote Petition

We, the undersigned, demand a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

People’s Vote Petition

People's Vote
Final Say

The Independent Petition

In 2016, the people were given their say on the principle of whether to stay in the EU or leave.

Now the facts are becoming clearer, it’s time for the people to have the final say on the real deal – before it’s too late.

Christian Broughton, Editor, The Independent

The Independent Final Say Petition


If you would like further advice or support about lobbying, please get in touch with us enquiries@bremaininspain.com


You might also find this video useful when lobbying MPs and Peers.