Bremain in Spain talks to EWN about London’s Brexit Put it to the People march

Bremain in Spain talks to EWN about London’s Brexit Put it to the People march

Members of the pro-second referendum Bremain in Spain group travelled from Spain to London for the Put it to the People march.

Group chair Sue Wilson told Euro Weekly News that it was the largest amount of members the group had taken to Britain for such a march.

“The turnout was fantastic and I think now the government is going to sit up and take notice. It created a lot of camaraderie,” Ms Wilson said.

“Everyone was in a good mood and there was no trouble. We hardly saw any police out expect outside of Downing Street,” she added.  Ms Wilson spoke to protests on the Number 10 Vigil stage, delivering a rousing speech according to Bremain in Spain.

Bremain in Spain member Pat Laing said she felt privileged to be part of a “peaceful and good-natured” march.  “Brexit is based on fear and nationalism. The best of human nature was on the streets of London on Saturday,” Ms Laing said.

Saturday’s march saw up to one million people take to central London to call for a second vote on Britain’s membership of the EU, according to estimates from organisers.

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Bremain march against Brexit

Bremain march against Brexit

AROUND 100 members of campaign group Bremain in Spain marched through central London as part of the ‘Put it to the People’ march which attracted nearly a million people from around the UK and Europe.

They were calling for another EU referendum, as MPs search for a way out of the Brexit impasse.
Protesters carrying EU flags and placards called for any Brexit deal to be put to another public vote.

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Parliament takes back control as MPs seek new Brexit options

Parliament takes back control as MPs seek new Brexit options

The fresh blow for the British Prime Minister has put the future of a million expats in Europe firmly into the hands of MPs, who are expected to avoid a hard Brexit.

It comes after thousands of expats joined a million marchers at a massive anti-Brexit protest in London at the weekend.

“It was great to be there making history I hope,” said Sue Wilson of Bremain in Spain.

“It is not the first time we have voted with our feet, but it was our biggest ever march contingent,” she added.

MPs used Monday night’s vote to express their discontent at Theresa May’s stubborn refusal to set a fresh approach to Brexit.

Parliament will now hold a series of ‘indicative votes’ tomorrow in an attempt to break the Brexit deadlock after the Government lost the vote by 329 votes to 302.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said: “Another humiliating defeat for a prime minister who has lost complete control of her party, her cabinet and of the Brexit process.

“Parliament has fought back – and now has the chance to decide what happens next.”

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Sue Wilson Writes: Why we Britons in Spain had to march for a People’s Vote

Sue Wilson Writes: Why we Britons in Spain had to march for a People’s Vote

On Saturday 23 March, I was privileged to join the ‘Put it to the People’ March in London, alongside over 100 of our Bremain in Spain members.

Campaigning for a ‘People’s Vote’ has always been a priority for Bremain, so this wasn’t the first time we’d voted with our feet, but it was our biggest ever marching contingent.

The timing of the march was critical, coming just six days before the scheduled Brexit date of 29 March, which has now been postponed. Expectations ran high that numbers would exceed the 700,000 who marched in October. The organisers were not disappointed, with numbers confirmed at well over one million people.

Bremain in Spain marched with other campaign groups: Brexpats Hear our Voice, In Limbo Project and Espanoles de Reino Unido – a group of Spanish citizens based in the UK. We were also joined by a Spanish TV crew that was filming a documentary called ‘30 minutes’, scheduled for broadcast on TV3 in April.

Many excellent speakers – including First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, deputy Labour leader, Tom Watson and Lord Michael Heseltine – gave passionate speeches about the shocking state of Brexit, and the urgent need for another referendum. This is now the only democratic and sensible option left to extract Britain from the Brexit impasse.

Since Theresa May gave her widely derided speech on Wednesday evening, pitting the public against parliament and laying the blame for the failure of Brexit at the feet of MPs, there has been a noticeable change in mood. Both the public and parliament have reacted rather differently from how May might have hoped or expected, by expressing widespread outrage. Most notably, the public has been signing a new petition, ‘Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU’ (, literally with millions of signatures, making it the largest petition in British history. It seems that we Remainers are making history all over the place at present!

The march itself was peaceful, fun, full of humour, hope and inspiration. The inventiveness of the banners and the costumes was a sight to behold, and I was in good company in my blue wig! 

Following events on the main stage in Parliament Square, the No. 10 Vigil hosted its own event opposite Downing Street at its usual, thrice-weekly venue. I was invited to make a speech on behalf of the five million UK-in-EU and EU-in-UK citizens, and directed much of my speech directly at Theresa May. I reminded the crowd how the British citizens in the EU have been ignored and side-lined since June 2016 – out of sight and out of mind. How our rights and freedoms have been threatened, and how the only way to guarantee their preservation is to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit. 

With the petition and the march, we are now closer to reaching our goals than ever before. A year ago, only 25 MPs supported another referendum – now it’s rumoured to be 10 times that number and climbing. The amazing events on Saturday will not have gone unnoticed in

Westminster or, indeed, in Brussels, and the appeal of putting the Brexit issue back to the public will only continue to grow.

This week, parliament will debate alternatives to Theresa May’s unpopular deal, with the aim of reaching consensus. With Remain MPs committed to averting a no-deal Brexit, and extreme Brexiters equally determined to prevent any softening of Brexit, it’s difficult to see what other option might achieve a majority. Putting the decision back to the people could be the only option that stands any chance of being supported by both sides.

It was always the intention of the People’s Vote campaign to not push too hard or too soon in parliament for another referendum, in the hope of ruling out other options first. A People’s Vote referendum needs to be the ‘last man standing’, so the timing has always been crucial. Whether all campaigners agree with that approach is questionable, but nobody can argue about the success of the march or the wide media coverage achieved on Saturday.

For those taking part, the march was a chance to feel part of something historic and significant – a huge shot in everyone’s arm that made us even more determined to do everything we can to further the battle.

For me personally, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet friends old and new, to put faces to names, and to be moved by the passion and eloquence of speakers and marchers alike. We are closer than ever to another referendum but, as I said in my speech, “we should not think of it as a second referendum, but as a first referendum based on the facts – a referendum that is fair, honest and legal”.

Theresa May’s lead role in the Brexit soap opera looks destined to end soon. It’s difficult to see how she could have alienated more people, had she been trying! So, I’ll end here as I ended my speech on Saturday, with a direct message for the Prime Minister, from Brits all over the EU: “You are not on my side. You do not speak for me. It’s time to pack your bags and leave!”

The UK is not leaving the EU on Friday March 29 – but wouldn’t that be a great day for May to make her exit!

Sue Wilson – Chair of Bremain in Spain

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Llevo 20 años en Málaga y no pude votar contra el ‘Brexit’, por eso he venido

Llevo 20 años en Málaga y no pude votar contra el ‘Brexit’, por eso he venido

La manifestación convocada por la plataforma cívica ‘People’s Vote’ reunió ayer en Londres a más de un millón de personas para reclamar la celebración de un segundo referéndum del ‘Brexit’.

A la cita no quisieron faltar un nutrido grupo de británicos residentes en la provincia, algunos de los cuales no pudo votar en el referéndum en el que se aprobó la salida de Reino Unido de la Unión de Europea por llevar más de 15 años fuera del país. Este fue el caso de Theresa O’Shea, que lleva 20 años viviendo en Macharaviaya.

Me alegro de haber venido. Ha merecido la pena. No pude votar en su día porque llevo 20 años residiendo fuera de Reino Unido, lo que considero una gran injusticia en un asunto que nos afecta tanto y en el no tuvimos el derecho de votar en las urnas. Ahora he querido hacerlo con mi presencia en esta manifestación, estar aquí me ha servido para darme cuenta de que formo parte de una gran familia europea», declaró O’Shea, que realizó todo el recorrido envuelta en una bandera de la UE.

Tampoco quisieron faltar a la convocatoria los miembros de la asociación ‘Bremain in Spain’, uno de los colectivos de la marcha desde España y que portaron una pancarta en la que se podía leer: «Give us a voice. Give us a vote. Give us a… FinalSay» (es español «Danos una voz. Danos un voto, Danos un… final»).

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British residents in Malaga travel to London for the Put it to the People march

British residents in Malaga travel to London for the Put it to the People march

Numerous Brits living in Malaga will be among at least 100 UK residents in Spain travelling to London for Saturday’s Put it to the People march, to call on the government to give the UK population another chance to vote on Brexit.

It is expected to be the biggest anti-Brexit demonstration to date and hundreds of thousands of protesters will be calling for a people’s vote. For many this is a “now or never” moment to get their voices heard, with less than a week before the date set by the British government for the UK to leave the EU, and with parliament voting against a second referendum but in favour of extending Article 50 last week.

Bremain in Spain chair, Sue Wilson said in a press release this week, “If Theresa May can keep asking parliament the same question, how can she deny the public a second chance?”

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