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Braving the Weather for Bremain!

I’ve just got back from another whistle-stop visit to London on Bremain in Spain business, despite the worst weather in the UK for years. The first of my meetings, on 7th December was with Best for Britain, at their offices in Covent

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Bremain Needs YOU!

Bremain in Spain is a voluntary organisation that is campaigning to #StopBrexit, and to protect the rights of UK citizens in Spain, and across the EU. The Bremain team is led by the Bremain Council and a dedicated team of volunteers, with a broad range of skills. As...

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Brexit & You

If citizenship rights are the key issue at stake in the Brexit negotiations, then in no other country do Brits have more to lose than in Spain. But the British exit also poses challenges to a vitally important trading relationship. At least 300,000 UK citizens

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