General Election 8th June

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Welcome to the Bremain in Spain General Election 2017 Special Section

The links below will connect you to a range of election facts that provides a wealth of information for Britons voting from Europe.

Unfortunately, many of you will be unable to vote because of the 15 year rule and yet another broken manifesto promise. Bremain will continue to campaign on “Votes for Life” and for representation for overseas UK citizens but, until 8 June, the General Election will be our primary focus. We must concentrate our efforts to ensure there’s some real opposition against Brexit in the House of Commons.

General Election June 8th 2017 7am (BST)








For those lucky enough to have a vote, please use it!

Make sure you’re still registered, apply for, complete and return the appropriate paperwork promptly, and make your voices heard.
Bremain strongly recommends voting by proxy rather than by post if possible: during the Referendum, we were badly let down by the postal voting system.

Please don’t leave anything to the last minute as we’re working with tight deadlines.

If you don’t have a vote, there’s still plenty you can do:

  • Encourage everyone you know who is eligible to vote to do so. They are voting on your behalf.
  • It is especially important to persuade the young to vote.
  • Students in the UK will be registered to vote in their home town, not where they are attending university, so voting by proxy is the easiest solution.
  • Young people in Spain may never have voted before but can still register as long as a parent has been registered to vote in the last 15 years.
  • Share information on social media and let’s ensure a big turnout of Saboteurs, Remoaners and Snowflakes!

Our election information will be updated regularly – we’re grateful to members and to our dedicated Election Volunteer Team, led by Sandra Stretton, for providing up-to-date data. We’ll try to provide as much detail as possible on a per constituency basis, and will be keeping a careful eye on marginal target seats. We’ll also be working closely with an alliance of groups including Gina Miller’s ‘Best for Britain – Tactical Voting Campaign’, Britain for Europe, European Movement, Common Ground, Open Britain and many more. Together we are stronger!

We must reduce the power of the Tory government – please vote tactically to ensure we have a loud voice in Parliament.

Thank you!

Sue Wilson – Chair


2017 General Election LIVE Opinion Poll

See the results, compare with the 2015 election, and VOTE yourself.

The poll is map based so you can pinpoint your own constituency and monitor the votes up to 8th June.