On Friday 23rd June, all along the costas, the locals will be celebrating the eve of San Juan, the longest day of the year.

This year, we intend to use this wonderful occasion to mark the anniversary of that fateful date when all our lives were thrown into chaos and uncertainty.

Our plan is to get as many people together, on their local beaches as possible, with placards which can be ceremoniously burned on the bonfires showing just how we feel about Brexit.


All you have to do is get as many of your friends, acquaintances, neighbours & fellow Bremainers together as possible and make your own placards or signs. More importantly, take loads of photos, which we will use on our website & in press releases across UK and Spain.

Bremain T-Shirt
Fiesta de San Juan

Not only is it a great opportunity to tell everyone what we think about Brexit, but also to show us Brits in Spain integrating with the Spanish in this very traditional Spanish activity – a far cry from the more usual bowls club or British pub photos that the press are so fond of using.

Please join us and help make the San Juan Bremain event a night to remember!

San Juan