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Tactical voting: Why it’s okay to abandon political loyalties to stop Brexit. This former Labour MP admits he would vote against his party, if it aided the anti-Brexit cause. In politics there is a permanent and healthy tension between pure political tribal loyalty and a sense of a wider national interest. (Denis Macshane The New European 7 May)

Caroline Lucas Greens attack Jeremy Corbyn as progressive alliance hopes fade.

Corbyn is paving the way for a Tory majority by ignoring the Green Party’s calls for an election

deal, its co-leader Caroline Lucas claimed today. After the Greens stood aside for Labour in both

London and Brighton, Ms Lucas is demanding Mr Corbyn return the favour for their target seat

the Isle of Wight. (Kate Proctor The Evening Standard 8 May)



Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to appear separately in BBC election debate.  Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will take part in a BBC Question Time election special but the party leaders will not debate each other. May and Corbyn will be grilled by separately by members of the audience in the 90-minute special on June 2, presented by David Dimbleby. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Lib Dem Tim Farron will appear on a June 4 edition of the programme. (Adam Sherwin i News 8 May)

A. C. Grayling: ‘Brexit is starting to look a lot like a coup; The Remain campaign is by far the

angriest I have ever seen in British politics." Brexit is politically illegitimate, and when the

chickens come home to roost, reality and pragmatism will kick in and the Remainers will win the

day, Professor A. C. Grayling said in an interview with EURACTIV.com. (Samuel White,

Euractiv.com, 9 May)

Jeremy Corbyn says UK will quit EU as he clarifies Labour’s stance on Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to clarify Labour’s position on Brexit by insisting “Britain is leaving the European Union”. The party leader responded to criticism over his approach to the key issue of next month’s election in an interview with BBC Look North on Wednesday. Earlier this week London Mayor Sadiq Khan criticised the PM hopeful by saying people were unclear about Labour’s stance on Brexit. (Francesca Gillett Evening Standard 10 May)

Land of make-believe The Tory and Labour parties fail to face the realities of Brexit FOG in channel: continent cut off is an (alas apocryphal) newspaper headline that points to the innate British sense of superiority. Victory in two world wars and a long history without invasion has given Britain a sense of detachment from its European neighbours. As a result, it was always a reluctant member of the European Union. (by Buttonwood The Economist 10 May)


Hardcore Remainers swing towards Liberal Democrats from Labour An exclusive poll conducted by The New European shows Lib Dems set to profit in the election of June 8. Support for Labour among anti-Brexit Remain voters has swung dramatically to the Liberal Democrats, a survey of readers of The New European has shown.  (Daisy McCorgray New European 12 May)

Has Michel Barnier just changed the course of the 2017 general election? Ireland has an awful

lot riding on Brexit. If it wasn’t already obvious that the stakes at play for Dublin are so high as

to be existential, then the welcome its parliamentarians today gave to Michel Barnier – the

European Commission’s chief negotiator – makes things unnervingly clear. (Patrick Maguire

NewStatesman 12 May)

Brits have more in common with their Brexit brethren than their party political pals The 2017 general election is viewed by some as the ‘Brexit election’. The EU referendum may well turn out to be the defining vote of our era, with some predicting a realignment of British politics along the Leave/Remain dividing line. (Matthew Smith YouGov 13 May)

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