Reply to PM’s letter to Brits in the EU…

Dear Theresa May,

Your Christmas message to ‘UK nationals living in Europe’ sought to reassure us.

We are not reassured.

Firstly, please stop the pretence that Brits in the EU have been your first priority from the very beginning and, incidentally, we do not refer to ourselves as “expats”.

We are immigrants, no different or better than any other EU citizen that has chosen to live in another EU country.

Had you really wanted to protect us, you would have accepted the EU’s initial offer on citizens’ rights. Instead, in an effort to remove rights and freedoms from EU citizens in the UK, you came back with a significantly inferior offer, which resulted in a downgrading of the EU offer.

You may well be delighted with your “achievements” but if you had been listening to us, you would know we’re not equally “delighted” because what’s currently on the table is less than we have now.

We moved to the EU in good faith and made life-changing decisions based on what we thought were known facts.

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