OVER 100,000 Brits and Europeans marched through their towns and cities in the UK yesterday (Saturday) calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal – which remainers have been campaigning to include an option to stay in the European Union.

Among those who joined the main march in London were British expats in Spain who had travelled over specially, and the thousands of Spaniards who live in the UK capital, both of whom fear their ability to live, work, retire and receive healthcare in their countries may be threatened by the process.

Bremain in Spain, a Facebook-led campaign group headed up by Sue Wilson (pictured) took to the streets to fight for the rights of Brits in Europe and Europeans in the UK. She is shown here (centre, left) with María Luisa and Nacho Romero, Bremain members from Spain who live in the UK and also belong to the ‘flip-side’ sister group, Españoles en Reino Unido Surviving Brexit

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